Pattern: Really Magnificent Flying Carpet

I recently hauled my dusty old Magic Carpet out of my mount collection and remembered how much fun they are! The problem is, there's no recent carpet recipe out there ... and the carpets only carry their own masters.

So how 'bout it, Blizz? Could we possibly get a dual or multi-rider carpet recipe? I wouldn't mind if it was BoP like some of the other carpets, or pricey to craft like the bikes are. I just want to be able to have a super sweet carpet ride. :)
Tailoring already has three mounts. I think there is a bit more pressure on them to add mounts for the 9 professions that don't have one yet before they add another to the one with the most.
Question: which 9 other professions do you mean?

Of the 15 professions, Tailoring, Engineering, Alchemy, Archaeology, and Fishing already have mounts they can make. That's 5 down.

I can't see there ever being a First Aid or Cooking mount, any more than a Mining, Skinning, or Herbalism mount. I think it's safe to rule those out.

That just leaves BS, Inscription, Enchanting, Leatherworking, and Jewelcrafting. I'd be cool with any of those being able to make mounts (even if Enchanting already has the bonus of being able to make pets, too).

But I'm still jonesing on the idea of Tailoring having a truly epic carpet recipe someday.

P.S. Engineering can make three mounts, too.
Alch and Arch share one and it is not BoP, anybody can learn it. One of Engineering's is not BoP. So people can have those mounts without the profession.

Only the 3 Tailor and 2 Eng and 1 Fishing mounts force you to have the profession to learn them. For the many people chasing the Mount achievements this is a significant issue.
Hmmm. LW could make a kite... ?

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