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My noteboook PC has to be shipped back out for servicing. As directed by the service tech to make a backup disc. It takes a good 8 hours to do that and around the same to reinstall everything by downloading everything online.
Really am getting sick of going through that lengthy process for only 58 GB of data and was wondering if there are computers that can do that in alot less time. If anyone knows of one please post. Thxies :)
Yes, a computer with a fast processor will complete the task a lot faster; but since this process also needs to refer every wee bit of data on the hard disk, then the 'read' speed is also important - so having something called a solid state drive (a decent one) will fetch you a much faster speed.


That's still not enough; since you're making a disc, it also depends on the writing speed of your optical drive. For example, my 'portable' optical drive only goes up to an 8x speed and runs off an USB power supply but a similar 'external' optical drive using an AC plug can fetch a 40x speed.

ps; games, gaming and hardware ;-0
Since the thread is named WOW reinstall, I will mention that to reinstall WOW you only need to copy the WOW folder to the appropriate folder.

Save a copy of your WOW folder to any external media, and just drag-drop it back onto your fresh partition to reinstall it.

I wish it were that easy with all games.
I had to uninstal WoW and I need to Re-install but I can't find the discs.
Wooow....Reinstall isn't workin for me.
how do i reinstall wow
Ladýskillz, click on EXPLORE at the top of the page, and then Game Client Downloads.

This link will take you there too:
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