[A] Eternal Reign Selling Heroic Raid Kills

Eternal Reign, top20 US 25man raiding guild, is selling all sorts of Heroic raid Achievements, Mounts, Loot and Titles!

Currently, we are selling any and every Heroic kill in Firelands including Heroic Ragnaros for the Firelord title and the Firehawk Mount which is guaranteed to drop on heroic. We are also happy to say that we are now selling Heroic Deathwing Mounts/titles/LOOT! Available weapons include Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps Rathrak, the Poisonous Mind Blade of the Unmaker Vishanka, Jaws of the Earth Ti'tahk, the Steps of Time Kiril, Fury of Beasts !!

Prices are somewhat negotiable, interested buyers should get in touch with Wilwal / Worgenwalace / Fantastic to set up a sale.

We already have some satisfied customers who can speak to our professionalism and general awesomeness, so if you are missing out on the odd achievement or you didn't get lucky on a mount or piece of gear this is something you should definitely check out!!

Thanks friends ♥

I am the RL and I approve of this message.

This run is sanctioned by our guild
are u selling reg destroyer's end title /n loot if so price please

I am the RL and I approve of this message.

This run is sanctioned by our guild

who even are you.........
: )
I was wondering if you are selling Dragon Soul stuff now (specifically the Heroic Agil staff from Yor'Sahj or the Normal agil polearm from Deathwing)

we are able to sell the heroic yor'saj staff

we will be selling heroic madness staff after 1-2 more drop, so maybe a few weeks on that
how much for the heroic staff the mount i could care less about but the staff and bow would be of great interest to me pls
What's the waiting list look like for heroic rag?
Don't think we have a waiting list for anything, hook up with Wilwal to set up a raid date ♥
How much did Mavuhrick pay to get carried through that Heroic DW?
ER now selling Heroic iLvl 416 Deathwing Package Deal. Contact WILWAL for more info.

Title + Mount + choice of weapon (excluding healing weapon)


2H sword
Both daggers
caster staff
Feral staff
get me into your FL runs =(
maimer sucks
So hoW much for mount + title and items not including dw loot
Hoiw much for 8/8H with loot? I'm after Heroic Vanq tokens (apart from shoulders), and most other 410 cloth pieces, 416 cloth gloves and caster DPS trinket from spine.

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