Dragon Soul 25m Full Clear - Monday 13th/Feb

Once again I will be running an 8/8 25m Dragon Soul clear. Commence copy/paste from previous thread: I will be organising a 25m Dragon Soul run, and need skilled/geared/experienced players to put forth interest. It will be run on Monday the 13th at 7:30pm server time, and an 8/8 clear will definitely be easily doable assuming a good group turnout. Currently we need 1 tanks, 1 healer, 3 dps (preferably more ranged at this point). All players must be geared and experienced, meaning 385+ ilvl, and a Destroyer's End achievement on the attending character, or a main. Tanks must have proper experience tanking all DS bosses, up to and including Deathwing. Loot will be main spec > offspec rolls, highest roll winning the item. The following items will be held on reserve: Elementium Gem Clusters, 1 x Cunning of the Cruel. All other loot is available, including all Spine/Madness trinkets and weapons. Please post here, or mail me in-game, with your class, role/spec, item level, and DS experience (hard modes are a plus!).

I ran this two weeks ago with a flawless 8/8 clear in less than two hours, before the 5% nerf. It will now be even easier. Most of the people who attended last time performed admirably, and will be accepted back into the run without question. Please note this will be on Monday night, not Saturday night as my previous run was.

Also note, I will be advertising this on my druid alt Ingie, not my rogue. All questions/mails are to be directed at Ingie.

Chidorì (dk)
Syrendia (paladin)

Eylieen (rogue)
Kunaide (shaman)
Vengenzqt (dk)
Seancarter (dk)
Nazrael (paladin)
Catsmash (paladin)
Misogynistic (dk)
Imgonaloseit (paladin)
Xerathe (warlock)
Linazon (priest)
Novia (mage)
Vivid (mage)
Flayorius (priest)
Bright (hunter)
Roídrage (warrior)
Silenthail (shaman)
Mystîque (mage)
Buso (mage)

Viktore (paladin)
Brianscrub (shaman)
Melding (priest)
Talleh (priest)
Sànjày (priest)
Soulsearcher (paladin)
I'll sign up on this toon. Most likely will be around monday.

Sign me up on this toon! came with you last time!

8/8 + 1 HM experience - frost dk 394ilvl
List updated, welcome aboard!
Signing up on this toon

ilvl 392 frost dk , 8/8 exp
iLvl 386 Shaman Resto (name: brianscrub)

8/8 1/8hm exp on my main that i am posting from
386 Unholy DK, was on your last run.
Hi Eylieen,

If possible, would like to bring my shaman instead of my dk as there are already alot of plate dps

I will update armory when i get home

Kunaide - Enhancement Shaman 386ilvl

Errrr... Xerathe mate?
You all suck.
Do you really wanna do this here you fkn worm?
Don't worry Glok, you can sit in vent and listen to us having mad funz, we don't mind.
ilvl393 Spriest - Linazon
1/8 H
Damn it, Be horde you silly rogue!
ilvl 395 - Hpriest
Bumping, 2 tanks 2 heals 8 dps, sign on up!
You probably wont need another holy paladin, but if you do ill go.

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