Rate the priest mog above you

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8/10 Simple and sweet.
7/10 Worst priest tier ever, but I guess if you are working around your guild tabard it'll do.

Classic look is classic. Although not sure about a red cloak hanging off the back of you. Seems out of place with the set.
7/10 -- A point for the gloves, belt, and helm.

The red on the gloves doesn't really go with much in your set, and I don't think the fire effect from the Circle of Flame would fit very well, either. I like the color scheme overall though. Very bright.

As an aside, I wish blizz would stick to one color for their gold trim. e: also, higher res old armor. These pixels...

There are a few priests out there with full SW setups (not my personal taste) and they look pretty coordinated as an outfit.

I'm currently wearing this. In org I wear my Sombrero with it.

Next time I pop up in this thread I'll be in something much more "priestly"

I change outfits daily...its a problem..

I like it! Looks like she means business.

nice mask
05/30/2012 07:52 AMPosted by Yunocchi

Zexlos: I'm too girly to want such a simple transmog for myself, but I really like it on you. It's a very clean look, but not super exciting otherwise I'd rate it higher


I change my appearance so often you'd think that I was half my age ;)

Both my cloak and shoulders match more than they appear to in my pic. The shoulders appear almost black, and the cloak has the same colors as the robe.

http://us.battle.net/wow/en/item/50181 (power torrent adds purple)
Kirse: 9/10 I like the mix of color, purple accents are nice. Very pleasing to the eyes.
05/30/2012 07:41 AMPosted by Sanctùss
not sure about a red cloak hanging off the back of you.

Lost symbolism is lost.

@ Shaoran - the Lime priest! You are sooo....limey! 9/10

Note: I am currently working on a new mog so be gentle about my generic appearance :)
Fits the gnome persona, and I like it-- it looks perky!


I changed mine a bit since the last time I posted.
9/10 Love the look man.
hmm i like it :) 7/10
Nice mog and nice name 10/10.
Letzblaze: 10/10. Just what I expect to see when I meet some creepy undead. Think of my mog as, say, the cata comic book hero looking to save all of azeroth.
dont really like the 70 set that much, and dont like using a full set xmogs, 3/10
He looks pretty cool for a boy-dwarf ;) don't mind the tough little guy look and like the muted colours. 8/10

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