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Hello Mac Community,

In order to better organize and manage threads about the Mac 64 bit client, we created a thread dedicated the discussion of the performance feedback for the Mac World of Warcraft 64-bit client. This can include feedback about frames per second (FPS), freezing, stuttering, and any other performance feedback you can provide.

Prior to posting, please make sure your feedback isn't already on our Mac WoW 64-bit Client Known Issues thread.

If you wish to send your feedback to our development team as well, please feel free to email your Mac 64-bit performance feedback to wowmacteam123@blizzard.com.

Thanks in advance!
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I'm going to put this out in front right now so nobody's confused about it.

When using the 64-bit client in 10.6.8, whether by necessity or because they can't stand Lion's issues (like myself), one should not expect the stutter inherent to 10.6.8 and WoW to go away. It won't. However, the 64-bit client has significant advantages when it comes to raids, especially the 25 man raids. Where the 32-bit client would require you to turn off addons like Recount due to excessive combat log parsing, the 64-bit client allows you to leave them on and either maintain or increase your FPS. It seems the 64-bit client can handle the data intensive sessions much better than the 32-bit client, and for that alone if you raid, you may wish to give this a go.

Loading will also be about 20% faster on the 64-bit client as well, when it comes to loading zones with lots of addnos present. The 64-bit client seems to leverage the CPUs registers much more effectively than the slower 32-bit protected mode operation allows for.

The resolution switching bug with 1080p is still present in the 64-bit client, but SwitchResX still works flawlessly as a workaround for that until the bug is squashed once and for all on Blizzard's end. :)

A suggestion to the mechanical sheep here - you may wish to note that 6 GB RAM is the absolute minimum needed to run the 64-bit client and not hit the dreaded swap/pageout wall. Realistically 7 GB or more is necessary to ensure proper room for your 64-bit client. 8 GB or more if you have any running processes such as a browser in the background as well.

If you are stuck with the 6 GB minimum for now, you can help yourself out and close all applications (other than the Finder) and run the purge command in Terminal, and then immediately exit the terminal when it completes (about three seconds after you hit Enter). This will free up as much contiguous RAM as possible so your World of Warcraft client has the most room to fit into without running into RAM problems. The purge command wipes all disk cache out of RAM, freeing it up for immediate use, and since you are running WoW primarily and have no need for extraneous disk cache from other apps, this command is a great way to start any WoW session, knowing you have lots of room to play with.
I've been running the 64bit client on my MBP 13" with only 4gb of RAM and an SSD. It's running fantastic with few exceptions. The background downloader doesn't seem to work (if there is one yet) so raiding is a pain until all the graphics are on the computer. I've been impressed with the increased framerates and decreased lag!
OS X 10.7.3, Mid 2010 Macbook Pro 15'' (2.66 GHz dual core i7, 8 GB RAM, GT 330M 512 MB, 1680x1050 high ress display)

With 64 bit client I was able to raise FPS cap from 39 to 49 FPS. Game tends to keep capped at that, even in areas like Darkmoon Faire, where with 32 bit client I was easily dropping under 30 FPS.

In other words, much better performance. I have not noticed any issues (but apart from usual gameplay I only do BGs).

Please keep 64 bit client up and running. :-)
Much happier with the performance of WoW since switching to the 64 bit client. Loading times in busy areas/raids is noticeably faster, my FPS is much more stable (it used to swing wildly in Stormwind, for example) and I'm not seeing a lot of frame stuttering anymore.

4GB Ram, Lion 10.7.3, iMac.
its stable for me as well... less lag spikes etc.
I started the 64 bit client the other night for the 1st time.

I have a 27 inch imac and i cant really see a difference.

I normally run the game with a 2nd monitor attached its a apple 23 inch cinema display. I know this might effect some of my performance but i was really wanting to see a bigger improvement in the load times.

I am going to do some tests on my machine tonight or tomorrow night where i unplug that computer and try running just the 27 inch imac screen to see if i get any different results.

I have a raid tonight so it might be a good test for the client and for my imac.
The 64 bit client is doing wonders for Wow on my MacBookPro8,2. I can't wait for it to be out of beta. I kinda miss the cut scenes and itunes controls.
I've seen double the FPS, even while still downloading material. My normal FPS was ~30-35, I now get ~65-72.
02/16/2012 09:17 AMPosted by Wrenc
I've seen double the FPS, even while still downloading material. My normal FPS was ~30-35, I now get ~65-72.

why is it still downloading, it should have been copied into same folder as your coplete 32 bit download.
Not sure, after I installed it—and into the same folder—it required a few GB downloaded from the launcher.
The few gigabyte download can occur if you launch the 64-bit client before the game is completely patched to the current release. That's the main reason that at least for now, it's best to use the Launcher to launch the 64-bit client, as Launcher will at least try to fully patch the game first before letting you play. Using just the client without the Launcher can result in the above behaviour such as what you had happen to you.

The same thing will happen if you run the Background Downloader before the Launcher's fully patched your game (yeah, oxymoronic here but there ya go). Delete your wow.mfil file and the launcher.wtf file and see if the download amount is still large (assuming again you didn't already complete the process).
I love 64 bits version, it works very good... i just wonder when you going to implement mac recording options again in this version.

BTW very good job again.
02/19/2012 05:47 PMPosted by Devry
I love 64 bits version, it works very good... i just wonder when you going to implement mac recording options again in this version.

Unfortunately the Mac Recording options are due to technical issues with Quicktime in 64-bit. I wish I were more fluent in the API, or I might consider donating some code to make it happen!

Beyond that, performance has been great for me. Mac Pro with 5870, 6GB RAM and 10.7.3 installed.
FWIW, the first bump up in performance for me was to play WoW on my MacBook Air (Mid 2011) which has a 256GB SSD for its boot drive. This was 32-bit WoW since the 64-bit beta had not been released. My Air only has 4 GB RAM but I observed no degradation issues.

Next I added a 27" Thunderbolt display and only noticed how much more I enjoyed the game play on the larger screen. No issues from that upgrade.

I have recently added a new iMac 27" 3.4 GHz quad core i7 CPU with 8 GB RAM and an AMD Radeon 6970M 2 GB video card. The boot drive is a 2 TB 7200 RPM using Intel 6 Series Chipset hardware.

As you might expect the WoW performance on this Mac whether 32 or 64 bit is superb.

I've noticed previously on less capable computers, (Windoze machines), that often the number of addons I used would degrade overall performance. With my iMac I have not yet run into any problems with running as many addons as I want.

I also play WoW with only one Mac running on my home network. My ISP is showing download speeds of about 21-22 MBsec and upload rates of around 2 MBsec.
Currently using 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7, Memory at 16 GB 1333 MHz DDR3, graphics card is AMD Radeon HD 6770M 512 MB, and my OS is Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3 (11D50b).

Ever since the latest patch I've seen I had to turn down my shadow quality and a few other things so my game doesn't stutter. I'm also getting intermittently some lag time before ground clutter or background designs pop up even when I'm very close to said objects. Such as the big hole with molten rock outside IF's pvp house. I see a grey outline and then the molten rock will appear. I get also a grey screen at the docks while waiting for a boat for a second or two before the boat finally loads. And I'm also getting stuttering every so often when in 25 raids.

Is the part where I pretty much have to turn down my graphics to get a smoother game something from the patch or is it just my comp is getting old? I just got this thing in mid-January. :-/

Pre-4.3.3. had no problems at all on my 64-bit. Post patch I'm seeing all these bugs and glitches and having to turn down graphics.
@ Djedon

Did you re-install the 64bit client after patching to 4.3.3? I haven't seen any issues with the 64bit post-patch - still the same much improved performance over the 32bit.
How do I get the 64 bit client?
2 days ago I installed WoW on my MacbookPro and I have horrible performance. Im not sure why.
I used bootcamp and I have the latest version of windows installed with every single Windows update that it needed. I Installed the game and then followed the guide on the forums for what settings to use for my specific version of the MacBook Pro, and I am still getting horrible performance. Nothing is smooth. I move the camera around and it jumps.

Will I get better performance If the game is installed on the mac side rather than bootcamp?

I have 2011 MacBook Pro
2.2 GHz, 8GB Ram, High definition anti glare screen, SSD,
I mean..really..how are people claiming to get 60-75 FPS cuz im getting 15fps in the city and 45fps max in a level 25 questing zone with no one there except me....
I've just installed a 64 bit version of WoW for my i7 iMac and the add-ons don't appear, even as an option. Have they been disabled for this version?
Never mind. I was running the 64 bit version out of another folder so it didn't see the add-ons. Copied my add-ons to it and they're showing up now. There's no problem running two copies of WoW are there? (Not at the same time, of course.)

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