[H] Resto Shaman LF Raiding Guild

Hey guys! I'm looking for a guild for this alt :) I'm a fairly new 85 Shaman (I know my class well) and know all current raid content pretty well (7/8 experience in dragonsoul 10 man)
I'm currently ilvl 384 and working my way up quickly :). I'm available most any time and am looking for a hardcore raid schedule (Atleast 3 raids nights a week) If interested please respond here or whisper me ingame, Thanks!
Hey Magnum,

Storm hammer recently took a hit to our core team and lost a good ammount of players to other games and holidays.

We are looking for dedicated players who want to be part of resurrecting a great guild.

Our core officers are reliable experienced raid leaders.

Would love to chat in game, come find me on Saurfang - or check our our website www.stormhammer.net.

We only raid 2 nights a week mon wed 8-11pm (+11GMT) atm - but I thought I'd put it out there anyway. We have killed 5/8 with different pugs every night unfortunately.

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