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02/10/2012 11:35 PMPosted by Conradical
It takes me under two minutes to respond to each post.

It's been two hours bro. GG.
02/08/2012 05:18 PMPosted by Conradical
Rooftrellen is the strongest moonkin in all the land.

all the land
I LOVE DEBRIATUS AND PONY!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Yay, now I will be recognized! XD
02/11/2012 01:51 PMPosted by Masrinth
And I already did show you where you contradicted yourself. Look above on this page. You said you weren't an alliance fanboy, where you say "horde sucks, alliance rules", but then you had previously said exactly what the Dk alt had said. If you don't think that's a contradiction, then you don't know what one is. Both of those statements were posted from your toon. They contradict eachother.

You mean the part where I said "I copy/pasted" and said I didn't write it? Good lord you're an idiot.

I think you need to look in the mirror. If your putting it out as you saying it, it means you agree with it. Your not a multi-media reporter. You agreed with him. And now your saying you don't agree with him you just wanted me to respond to it. Why does it matter if i respond to it if it means nothing to you besides the fact that I didn't reply because it's an alt? Because you agree with him.

I've been consistent this entire thread. As have you, actually. You've consistently been a moron.
Are you serious? You're being a moron, you don't understand. You "copy/pasted" and it was posted by YOUR toon, meaning your representing that post. Meaning what it says, you endorse. Meaning that later, when you didn't "copy/paste" anything and said something on your own, you contradicted something you had previously posted. IRREGARDLESS of whether you copy/pasted it or not, it's being represented by your toon.
I'm arguing with a guy that says "irregardless", says "your" when he means to say "you're", and he's calling me a moron. Oh my god.

Masrinth, you're possibly the biggest dumbass I've encountered in a long time. I've said, numerous times, that I didn't necessarily agree with what I copy pasted. You take me saying that as "YOU'RE CONTRADICTING YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!". You're an idiot.

Irregardless, your great. Have a great day.
Thanks dude you too. Glad to know you don't really see yourself like everyone else.
lol. very funny disagreement from both perspectives. kudos to both of you
Because PvE ain't that amazingly easy and Warmaster heroic 10 still moderately sucks. Actually harder after nerf than before it..../hate barrage timings.
Pvp is for people with the athletic abilities of a bar stool.

If pve is so easy why have guilds been stuck on a single fight for this long while their pvp ratings are increasing?

Because at the end of it all, Blizzard will institute nerfs to allow those horrible guilds to see all the content. So basically, Blizzard never tries to promote PvE players to get better at their game, they just wait a couple of months before nerfing the content to !@#$, then boom.... all of the sudden there's a ton of progression.

As far as I know, most of the top end guilds only get stuck on certain bosses if there is some mechanic or another that is theoretically broken, something which Blizzard takes note of and fixes within a couple of weeks. PvP'ers get stuck with imbalanced and broken PvP for entire seasons (4-5 months or so) and when Blizzard does try to fix something, they end up breaking something else that causes more imbalances and even more required adaptation in order to succeed.

Also, you can't say that a guild's pvp ratings have collectively increased, most PvE guilds have excellent Pvp'ers running amok in them because free repairs and a chance for OP PvE gear are very nice benefits that most get from being in a PvE guild.
02/10/2012 11:29 AMPosted by Silverflamez
Hahaha bros mad.

Am I? i spent most of the time typing my post laughing at you. Pretty sure it wasn't angry laughter either.

I can't believe i just got hit with a 'bros mad'. Nice take. Hey on your next post, be sure to include a 'cool story', or a 'r u mad'.... and hell throw in a 'herp derp' to really show you really know what you are talking about.

You do realize that paladins are probably the easiest healer to beat in arenas right? Probably why I prefer to RBG....

Says who exactly? I think most tree's would like a word with you.

And ya, the 3s team is at like 1800 or something... I would bet it's because we were just point capping people!!! *gasp*

That's pretty cool you can stay at a rating that is almost your lifetime max by point capping people.... not sure i've ever heard of that before.

My max lifetime is 2200-2350 between two classes, when i help point cap people i rarely go above 1800 or so. Conrad has pushed 3k before, i doubt he goes far over 2300 or so when he point caps people.... yet you can almost hit your lifetime best with point capping some buddies.


Oh, and btw, Congratulations on beating a TSG as a spell cleave team. Everyone is really impressed. *yawn*

Thank you, especially with a healer that DRs my fears, DK/warr combo that has many fear outs, no frost mage, no disarm.....

You should fight Ninja Turd, a TSG on our BG from Illidan, those guys !@#$ing wrecked us.

TSG is not an amazing comp i will give you that, but let me go count all the high rated afflic/fire/disc comps, i'll be right back.......

Also, definitely didn't PvP on horde side aside from getting point capped. Sooooo your big long speech about me sucking and what not just makes me laugh.

Ok so i'll give you a pass on your years here on horde.... how about transferring, getting t2 weps from RBGs, doing 3s with duelists on a pretty decent comp and still being sub 2k?

02/12/2012 04:34 PMPosted by Untrax
Pretty sure it wasn't angry laughter either.

You were maniacally laughing, I know it.
Pvp is for people with the athletic abilities of a bar stool.

If pve is so easy why have guilds been stuck on a single fight for this long while their pvp ratings are increasing?

Do you have any idea how ratings work?

Also, as a top PvEer and PvPer, I can tell you that being in the top .5% of PvP is a lot harder than the top .5% of PvE.
how is this thread still alive
02/12/2012 08:06 PMPosted by Msrasal
how is this thread still alive

Because I haven't silenced the rogues yet.
Untrax as for your statement....

"As far as the point of Comparing Cran to the alliance rogues.... eh, they might be better. But they also better be, they have better partners, and have PvPd for longer. Cranium started to PvP in the begining of Cata."

You are not stating accurate facts here. Cranium has played WoW and PvP/Arena much longer that just starting at the beginning of Cata.

Sorry, Cran, not slamming you bro. Just want facts to be clear.
02/12/2012 08:06 PMPosted by Msrasal
how is this thread still alive

It's undead.
Is it too late in the thread to vote for myself?

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