Arcane Mage PvP?

Arcane certainly has its niche in BGs, especially large scale bgs like AV and IOC.

I run a lot of Rath Strat premade Avs, and arcane is a popular choice among mages in these runs because of the utility it provides. If Defense is your thing Arcane can be very good. Arcane blast to destealth and be more mana effecient that Flamestrike spamming. Imp poly is useful since polymorph can be used to dismount enemies, adding a stun on the end only makes it better. Abarr is a great spell in BGs. Incanters Absorption can be used to knock enemies off of cliffs and bridges and out of towers. Insta invis improves a mages stealth capabilities. Slow is also very useful in bgs, especially when used on heals. PoM also deserves a mention.

The problem with arcane would probably be its 1v1 capabilities being less powerful than frost or fire, but the utility arcane provides for its team is at worst as good as the utility provided by the other specs, and at best better than the other specs.
Arcane has some amazing pvp talents. Improved polymorph, improved blink, knockback on mana shield, instant invis, 6% damage reduction from talents, etc. The only problem is that the way you do maximum damage as arcane leaves you so open to get shut down. When you do get a chance to stand still and cast away you can destroy people, but usually this won't last very long!
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I'm actually going to try to read it. Wish me luck.

You'll need more than luck for this - gotta bob and weave or get face critted.
Arcane pvp?

I play Arcane PvP and I love it.

That doesn't mean I'm good or amazing or that "if I can do it, anyone can" or anything like that. I just enjoy Arcane and I enjoy the challenge of it. I'll keep playing it and never make glad, that's fine.

THATS HOW I ROLL BRO, Ive got an 1800 limit because of it, and IM fine with that. Because that 1 time I que up and the other team thinks IM frost and ignores me, they die...

Arcane is fun as hell in pvp and I hope they dont !@#$ it up in MOP!!!!!
Been playing all three specs in pvp (and spending too much gold with it >_<) and my opinion about arcane, my favorite spec, is:

Arcane pvp, while having very powerful strengths, is in a disfavorable pvp environment. Were its current skills available in a earlier expansion, it would shine.

The issue is that current pvp metagame has two features predominating that are too severe to arcane's style, interrupts and melee's uptime on ranged classes, since arcane does not have strenghts comparable to other specs out of chained arcane blasts nor a reliable method to chain AB in safety. Since most classes have a form to interrupt casters either often (every 5 or 10s) or with good gain for it (6-7s lockout), depending on stand-still casts have become dangerous for any caster. Ghostcrawlver wrote about it in , worth a read to understand why instants have become so prevalent.

The melee's uptime is also very high, meaning that they can reliably make use of their 10s cd interrupts and force casters to keep moving. It is discussed on , where plate wearers complain how this increased melee uptime has led to little benefit from using plate armor. The point of note is that kiting through snares have become insufficient to survive, since melee classes have both snares in abundance as well and strong gap closers. Without an extra escape mechanism comparable to Deep Freeze, Dragon's Breath, pet Freeze and snare-removing Blazing Speed, arcane often needs to burn long cds to create a gap when a melee spec gets close, which isn't sustainable in arena for a spec without an equivalent to Cold Snap/Preparation.

The fact that arcane doesn't have a strong safe method to burst is the final point that makes this spec have a high floor skill cap, as you need more setup effot than a frost mage to get the same burst, supposing you aren't being ignored. Arcane blast chain isn't near as safe as a deep freeze followed by frostbolt and ice lance/Brain freeze, or a critted pyroblast followed by combustion + impact and Dragon's Breath. So, not only you need to cut a healer's support, you need to prevent any form of interrupt, including those from the kill target. Unfortunately, this point is too important in arena and is the reason some mages are using shatter + mastery stacking as arcane. It makes Arcane Barrage as powerful as a ice lance with fingers of frost and, with cooldowns (Arcane Power, Improved Mana Gem, spellpower trinket), as damaging as pyroblast plus its dot, but on a 2 min cd.
Noted this comment:

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Arcane is fun as hell in pvp and I hope they dont !@#$ it up in MOP!!!!!

I wouldnt worry about that, not only arcane is gaining safer strengths, we are getting a more friendly envornment for casting in pvp. Check interrupts in every class and you will see everywhere nerfs to interrupts (Wind Shear on a 12s cd, melee's interruts in a 15s cd, Counterspell lockout reduced to 6s) and less gap closers (although not sure if they are removing enough).

Having a baseline Deep Freeze (with shatter as well :D) and access to extra escape mechanisms on short cooldowns in the talent tree is also promising (the freeze tier and Blazing Speed).
Well i am Jaina and i have mastery in all schools of magic so i dont have to choose 2 of 3 specs, i just run all 3 at once cause im a badass npc.
did everyone miss spam-able slow? arcane mages are the fastest class in the game.(unmounted). as a very geared arcane mage its very easy to go 20-0 or close to it.

its not easy, and not for everyone. but it really can rake in the Honor
well i dont arena much so i cant comment on it
but in bgs they are very strong

i was defending a node from horde and eventually kill him, then out pops an arc mage and kills me in a matter of seconds when i was around 80-85% hp after my last encounter

i rez and checked my combat logs

55k crit arc blast
59k crit arc blast
57k crit arc blast including overkill

i was liek wtf O.o, i got over 4.1k res which is not so bad considering 2set t13, thats 41% damage reduction

i armoured him and he had legendary and 60% cata season pvp, the rest was ruthless 390

and i thought frost mage with their 30k frost bolt followed by multiple 25k ice lance was badass lol
Though I haven't been past a 1500 rating as arcane so far, i still find arcane mage viable if you know how to stay mobile at the right moments. I run with an Enhancement Shaman and i have to admit, it tends to work pretty well. If i come out invis, they normaly focus shaman. And if FM isn't immediately dispelled, we can both open up with enough burst to 4 hit the first guy. The only time we have trouble is against ret pally/ blood DK combos.

All in all, if you enjoy a challenge go arcane. If you strictly want a rating, go frost.
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Arcane Mage has ZERO viability in Arena

Actually arcane is fairly viable in arena.

There's a mage still playing arcane but changes names like weekly so he's hard to track down. Last I saw he was at 2600 or so rating on his 3s team.

Arcane's roll in arena is about staying alive and setting up ungodly CC chains with poly>poly stun>poly>rof>silence, which is 27 seconds, run with a priest and someone with a controlled stun and you can toss on 14 seconds to that.

Plus the burst is maddening. Been running spriest/arcane 2s for about a week now, and all we have to do is line up a 15 second CC chain and something dies, and vs. double dps while the spriest runs for his life i can normally kill something inside a dispersion.
02/28/2012 01:49 PMPosted by Amathyqt
I'm actually going to try to read it. Wish me luck.

Dont do it, its a trap.

I imagine Arcane would be OK in BGs, there are plenty of shrubs to hide in. Arcane is pretty much a joke to most melee classes though.
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There's a mage still playing arcane but changes names like weekly so he's hard to track down. Last I saw he was at 2600 or so rating on his 3s team.

I'm just a random BG slummer and I have run into a few arcane mages in there.

From what I can see, they are similar to Elemental Shamans. Lot's of fun if you can hide behind other people and blow people up, but once they get focused by someone good it's game over.

I currently enjoy both frost and fire in random pvp.

It will be interesting to see how things balance out in MOP once fire and arcane mages get access to Ice Barrier and Deep Freeze though. Arcane might be a little bit more viable then, but I'm thinking fire is going to be absolutely beast.
Lots of necro's tonight I see. I've seen a few of abni's matches and the dude has like ADHD with all his CC chains. He never overlaps a single one...

Oh, and he's a multiglad R1... with two different arcane specs.

Theres a difference between a thread necro and a thread bump. Learn the terminology at least.
02/06/2012 05:42 AMPosted by Vecna
Oh Abni, how do you do it

last I checked, he isnt this season.

mmm may want to check again lol

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