RATE dat warlock name

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8/10 good name especially if your affliction
0/10 because my name is the best and nobody else's can compare.
^ 0/10 because that just....thats just terrible.
Simple, yet elegant. 8/10
Yay for namesavers =/
not bad 6/10
pretty classy I suppose... but not exactly original. 6/10
5/10, just something you describe, not really a name but eh.
8/10 would go good with beta rainbiw
What? No. Just no.
8/10 , Tremble mortals because this is Grigthar corruptor of souls! .
9/10, not a ten only because Worgen and not Orc.
I don't think my name is all that great but seen some good ones in here!

Vlitra I give you a 8/10 for having a proper name (I appreciate a real name!), not having any special characters and I love names that start with V!
8/10 for sounding like grimoire
Mouse eh.... 3/10? I'm not feeling it.

On my name: I went for a human sounding name since thats what he used to be, with maybe a darker shade to it.
@Thraken 8/10. Has a nice ring to it
9/10 love it
7/10, I like it.

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