[A] Monster Sarcasm Rally 6/8H LF tank + dps

Bump. Starting work on Hagara tomorrow. She will get us to 5/8H.
Heroic Hagard is down! That makes almost a pace of 1 heroic boss per week since our guild's creation. Great work, everyone!
Grats on heroic Hagara!
I love the title! It's a shame the social rank is closed!
Thanks Audrea <3

And, @Izett, is not! But thanks for reminding me to add that... so gung ho about raid recruiting, I forget that we like socials, too.
+1 to the gnomes are talking. Shush.
Hi. I'm a gnome. I like gnomes. Gnomes are cool. Hello fellow gnomes! Let's go bite some monster ankles!
My wife and I might have interest in running with you guys. Do you have any need for a Prot paladin and an affliction lock?
We currently have 2 very strong tanks and a strong warlock, but we do run an alt raid on Sundays that has need of a tank w/dps os and dps.
I know you need a ret pally but what about a Frost DK instead?
(am I allowed to post again now that the gnomes are gone?)

Hi Beatryce,

I'm seconding what Simplify said, although, realistically, we do currently have 2 DKs and two more people on the Vanquisher token, so the likeliehood of our adding another DK to our roster is not super high.

(Our Sunday evening raid has need for all roles still, though, in case you're interested in that)


Heroic Warmaster down to 50% on our first night of attempts!
We have Armadillo Pups. You know you want em.
Did I mention, level 25 now?

So much Mass Res abuse on Warmaster. So much.
Bump for slight change in needs.

Warmaster has not gone down yet. Curses, you big ugly cow pirate.
Hi are you guys still recruiting? I just transferred to the server and am a little undergeared but working on it. I know all the fights on normal. Also have a hunter about the same gear lvl. I would wisper someone in game but no one is on atm.
Bump for bros and dudes
What time is your alt raid on Sundays? And do you have room for an enhance shammy? I would just like to have something to do on this toon otherwise I am shelfing her until the new expansion.

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