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Why is the forum showing this on the little account bar at the top? I do have an authenticator attached to my account, and I just logged out and logged in, getting the prompt to add the generated authenticator code.
Getting this as well, I have an authenticator, but have a Gold padlock icon at the top of my page telling me to put an authenticator on the account.
^ What they said. Same thing.
Thanks for the report! Its a bug - this is only supposed to show up when you DON'T have an authenticator attached to the account.

We're looking into it right now.

Thanks again!
Just thought I'd let you know that I'm having this bug as well.

Good luck cracking the bug!
I too am experiencing this problem.

Glad to hear this is a bug, thought something wonky was going on.
Would just like to add that I am as well experiencing this issue.
This should now be fixed - again, thanks for the reports!
02/06/2012 02:34 PMPosted by Osundir
This should now be fixed - again, thanks for the reports!

Worked, thanks Osundir!
reporting that I too was given a heart attack and thought I was hacked and had my authenticator removed. >.<

it still shows bugged to me even after logging in to the site.
This bug has returned.
Logged out, cleared cache/cookies, all that good stuff. Still showing me as lacking an authenticator despite still acknowledging it and asking for it when I log in.
Happening to me too.
Still having this little bug. Letting you peeps know.
Noticing it on occasion as well for me. I click it, then it disappears for a moment before coming back.
It's baaaaack

Bad joke to play on someone, Blizz, before they have had their first mug of coffee!!

Was so paranoid that I went into My Account through the game's launcher, wouldnt even touch that little icon from the normal page.
Same here. Noticed it last night around 3:30amest. I've logged out and back in, but it's still there.
Ditto, checked on the latest versions of chrome and firefox on mac and the latest chrome on PC.
As others have said, this bug is back.

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