Need argent crusade themed armor for transmog

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Hi as a paladin my two favorite paladin related factions are by far the blood knights and the argent crusade/dawn.

I have the argent champion title
I will have the argent charger and the blue argent crusade tabard in a few days
For a flying mount only thing i really have atm is tyraels charger and albino drake. Argent hipogryph is kinda meh.

For armor i was either thinking soulforge replicas (not showing helm) wrathful gladiator silver colored armor or the white reinforced saphrium battle gear which would kinda be a pain in the @$$ to get.

For shield possibly titansteel shield wall
for heal spec probably my diamond core hammer but 1 handed weapon
(non main hand weapons suggestions are also needed for my prot spec)

So if you have any suggestions for a flying mount, armor set, or weapons/shields feel free to post.
I did make an Argent Crusader transmog a while ago.
Here how it looked like

I changed a few things with mine,I used Warmaul of Infused Light as my transmog weapon

but it pretty much follows <----
I'd say white hippogryph or similarly holy looking mount. If you are planning on playing for the rest of the year then I suggest just getting Tyrael's Charger
Wrathful gladiator, or hateful. Hell most all the pvp paladin gear in WOTLK
Hey how ya doin?
thanks i think ill go with wrathful or honeypots suggestion

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