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Easily Distracted is a 10 player weekend raiding guild on the Stormreaver (CST-PVP) realm. The guild was formed from friends that previously raided together in various 10 and 25 man raiding guilds across multiple servers.

The purpose of the guild is to push and clear heroic level raiding content in a respectful, drama free, friendly environment. We operate as a raid TEAM, and no member of the raid team is above another member, each is equally important to getting the job done.

The guild raids weekends, Friday through Sunday, from 10pm server (Central time) till around 1am server time.

The guild cleared 8/8 Heroic DS before it was nerfed to death, and looks to remain competitive during Tier 14.

Currently 2/6 Heroic in Mogu'shan Palace.

The raid team has openings for EXPERIENCED raiders including:
1 Enhance Shaman.

For experience we're looking for raiders who were clearing heroics in Cata at least if not earlier, and can provide parses of their performance even if it's just in LFR.

For more information on the guild please visit

Interested parties can contact us through our website at http://easilydistracted.enjin.com, or in game
Anoush, pselkins@gmail.com
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