[A] 10M - <Unsupervised> is recruiting

Unsupervised, a casual, laid back level 25 10 man raiding guild, is looking for a few more to fill out our core raiding group for MoP. Our guild was formed out of a desire to raid with as little guild structure and rules as possible, we're looking to be a close knit raid team of equals. As such, we are only inviting members aged 18+, members seeking Raider status must be level 90.

What we're looking for: mature, laid back members who want to raid without drama, who know their class and perform their role well, and respond well to critique and suggestions about encounter mechanics. Raiding experience is a plus, but not required. We're not looking for players who want a hardcore progression experience, but rather players who want to raid and grow with our guild; we recruit the player not the toon.

What we offer: laid back atmosphere, friendly members, dungeon runs, transmog raid runs and all the perks of a level 25 guild. Members will be seeking challenge mode clears and other dungeon/raid related achievement runs as well.

Raiding Schedule:
With the launch of MoP, we're revising our raid schedule, and once we have a full group of level 90s prepped to raid, we will set our schedule based around the needs of that group. Raids will run from 7pm server until 10pm server, and have a firm ending time, unless a majority consensus decides to extend for a few additional pulls on new bosses.

Per Raid Lockout – 1 MS Need | Unlimited Greed/Offspec | all handled via /roll 100
BoE Gear – MS>OS for Members in raid group and standby players – Auction bids for alts
Patterns – Raider main rank and above /roll 100 with 600 profession
Essence of Crafting – when X number required for pattern are collected, open roll for MS Need Other at end of raid lockout, must be used by main toon. If no one MS is interested in getting an item crafted, it will open to Offspec, and then finally bids for alts.
Auction Bids that exceed 1/4 market value per Undermine Journal will go to /roll 100.

Current Recruiting Needs:
We are currently recruiting any and all players, all roles. Players seeking Raider rank must be level 90.

The Recruit period will last as long as you want it to, if you show interest and fit in well with our other members, we may extend you a promotion to full time raider right away.

If you'd like to know more about our guild, or request an invite, feel free to whisper any member. Or visit our website, unsupervised.guildportal.com
Just looking for 1 Main Spec tank with DPS offspec to finalize our core, prefer Warrior/Pally!
Core raid slots are filled, still looking for leveling members and players who are looking for a stand-by/back up raiding position. Current progression now 5/8.

Weekly LFR and Transmog runs are open, as well!
New recruiting needs updated, currently 8/8 Normal working on heroics, looking for any exceptional DPS, heal/tank offspec preferred!
Updated needs for MoP. Looking for all classes and roles at this time.
Needs updated for MoP raiding.

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