Account Wide Achievements - Need Clarification

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Account-wide achievements were one of the main features of Mists that prompted me to look into returning to WoW. I really enjoy obtaining achievements. But, because of how important my achievement points are to me, the system in its current form has made me feel locked to one character as expansions go by. I really want to play a monk in Mists, but the idea of losing all of my achievement points is just dreadful.

In addition, some achievements can be very tough for some characters, given their spec. For example, "Wrecking ball" is not realistic for a level-capped healer to obtain. I would like to have the achievement/points, but I'm not about to fully PvP gear a Ret spec in order to get it.

Anyway, I hope Blizzard decides to go all in on the account-wide achievements. This is the first time in five years that I've felt strongly enough about a topic to make an appeal on the forums.

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