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Mine has not updated either.
Mine has been down a few days as well. I can't use any site that requires armory. I thought when it was down that it was getting fixed. Nope.... Come on Blizz!!!!
/hug shae. same i needs it to show my new daggers and heroic gears!
Wtb a Fix
Same here, at least 2 days now.
Anytime now :(
Lets not have it take a few days. This is rather annoying considering i need to reforge.
Not updating at all :/
So tired of booms being near bottom dps (to be sure it wasn't just me parsed worldoflogs which shows booms are ridiculously far down the list, gave up looking there so focused on the top 250 booms who, surprise surprise, all had the legendary, the 3 who didn't had the will of unbinding) -- so finally decided to use simulation craft to see what i can min max.

But to do that guess what I need? Oh yeah, an updated wowarmory, because right now it shows me in resto gear.
Okay, even weirder, why the hell is it showing me here as my mail alt death knight, because i've been relogging on and off my boom trying to get an armory update for the last hour.
Apparently Blizzard posted two messages to Twitter (!/BlizzardCS) quite recently. They read:

"we are aware of a delay in Armory updates and our staff is looking into it."


"We are aware of an issue in regards to the Armory and will provide updates as they become available. Thanks for your patience. :)"

Hopefully it will be fixed soon.
What everyone has said. Hasn't been updated in 24 hours.
same here
Same here. Not very happy as I just signed up for the Auction service so I can buy/sell through the website. However, my merchant character will not appear so I cannot use the service.

Guess I'll try to get a refund.
Same happenings for me as well. No updates. And with the two new characters I decided to create holding all the loot I need to sell this is mildly upsetting. Especially with the fact that www are all paying for this monthly service.... Great job blizzard....
Lol. Just realized it says this character is level 48. Hope they fix this issue soon.
I moved this character from Akama to Bleeding Hollow almost a week ago.

I am also level 76.

Add that to another person not getting updated.
Why wont my arena update?

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