Resto/Bear Druid LF Weekend Raiding Guild

I'm available from around 5PM to 1AM server time on Sat, Sun, Mon, and Tues evenings.
My resto ilvl is 382. Tanking set is 381.

I cleared all t11 normal raids before they were nerfed for 4.2, but was unable to progress much on Firelands or Dragon Soul due to a change in work schedule. I'm new to this server and looking for a guild I can raid with 2 to 3 times a week. I prefer healing and tanking, but I'd be happy to change spec's as needed.

I have very little experience with heroics, but I have a solid understanding of my class mechanics, good raid awareness, do my research, and am 100% open to constructive criticism. I show up on time, come prepared (food, flasks, repaired, etc.), and do my best to make raiding a good experience for the whole team. I enjoy helping my guild by contributing mats, gearing other players, and helping guild members learn to play their class better.

Overall, I'm looking for a group of people who are relaxed, mature(-ish) and have fun, but are also focused on progression raiding and do it consistently. If you think I'd fit well with your guild hit me up in game or reply to this post. Thanks.

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