LFM 2200+ r bgs cross realm q

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Lock with legendary and H cunning/insignia 2.2k+ CR
Real id spencepratt9931@gmail.com
Still looking?

2125 cr (was 2217 but I tanked rating to play with friends)
I have H Rathrak or Legendary (Rathrak is better)
I also have H VPLC

I don't have t2 but I have experience on my mage hes 2200 in arena I have cunning but not the legendary staff youc an add me on real id if you're intrested (andresl305@aim.com) and i'm a moonkin.
Hpally<< 2300 exp on this toon.
Lead rbgs up to 2800/ preist main is 2700 last season
full cata gear
very skilled player

i realise you said lf 2.2 players, but i know i can show i'm as good/better

Character you are going to play on: Acorn
Race: Tauren

Class/spec: Shaman - Resto/Ele

Resil: Full Cata as Resto/Tsunami. Half Cata as Ele with Normal Cunning

Experience (Arena or RBG) 2k-2.1k Multi classes

Current RBG Rating: 1908

Time/Day available:basically any time

Other info (optional): Know my stuff. Focus Shears Hexes/purges etc etc. Vocal, and CAN LISTEN follows instructions.

contact: ingame mail, or comment here etc ty
I like how some ally are posting here in the hopes of joining.
lol necro but
BEST way to contact you: in-game

Character you are going to play on: cobra (illidan)

Race: Goblin

Class/spec: Warrior/Protection

Resil: 5500

Experience (Arena or RBG): 2200+ RBG and 2700+ Arena

Current RBG Rating: 2221

Time/Day available: Every day at night times 8pm est
2278 RBG experienced Spriest with Legendary. Also 2200 RBG experience on my Prot Warrior (but that is still Alliance). Best way to contact me is realid:

I have a two 2400+ Boomkins right now
2495 CR
2435 CR

Need a 2150+ group to play with on this 2050 cr boomkin with heroic rath/heroic cunning i'm grinding.

T2 boomkin, 2204 current rating... have 416 Rathrak / 410 Cunning / 416 Will of Unbinding... will switch out to 410 insignia depending on how much i get tunneled on other team.

Available any day but Tuesday, best times are after 8pm eastern for the most part. Just contact me ingame.

daniel.bellamy13@yahoo.com = realid
2011 CR, Arena Master, Disc Priest


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