Valor Recruiting Core Raiders for H DS

Valor: Now Recruiting reliable raiders for our core 10m. Raid times Tue, Wed, Thu 6-9PM server time. We are 1/8 H DS. Currently, we are looking for a tank, healers, and some range DPS. All are welcome to try out. For more information, see the website at or contact one of the officers.
GM Lazuruzz
Officers Warzog, Cándzy, Alestraxia, Themoonn
hi im ret 401 /prot 400 , hunter mm 398 , warroir 391 prot , 390 fury , resto druid and balance 390 , holy priest 386 , im 4/8 heroic and destroyer end on all my toon , only interest in 4/8 min progression . ty

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