Prayer to the RNG gods

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Let us bow our heads.

Our father, who art in random, only Blizz knows his name, thy dungeons come, our randoms run, in Azeroth, as it is in Outland.

Give us this day, our valor points & forgive us our rolls, as we forgive those who roll against us.

Lead us not into a failed pug, but deliver us if we get one, for thine is the true boss, the judgement of our gear, forever and ever...amen.

02/06/2012 04:33 PMPosted by Tieve
soooooooo, they DON'T want an offering of blood and souls?
Does praying to the RNG god help with my night at work? :( The joys of being in a fast food restaurant on the overnight on Super Bowl Sunday. :(
I need this prayer. I swear that helm and that belt just refuses to drop. i may be rolling around in a green belt for the rest of the expansion.
Ima say this in church just to see what happens.

Permission to steal this prayer and make it a macro so I can say every time I enter LFR?
Amen... time for headless horseman.

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