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A little about us:

We are a group of retired 25man raiders who used to raid hardcore and wanted to start raiding again. We decided to pick up and form a 10 man guild with a solid core and jump into DS progression and after only a few months we are doing great. We recently moved our guild from a low pop PvE server onto a High pop PvP server for Mists of Pandaria and we love it here on US-Stormreaver.

We are always looking to round out our roster so if you feel you are a good fit please fill out an app, However; We are an adult guild and do not censor our members. If you cannot handle being called out or don't like swearing and joking around on vent this is not the place for you. This is a progression minded guild and we will continue to push new hardmodes each week.

We are Lv25 and offer repairs/gems/enchants for any of our members.
We use a simple Need/Greed loot system with member priority.
No corrupt loot councils or DKP hording in this guild.
Trials will last aprox 2 raid weeks.

We have cleared 6/8 H including
- H Morchok (12/07/11)
- H Yor'shaj (12/22/11)
- H Ultraxion (2/09/12) (5%)
- H Zonozz (2/22/12) (5%)
- H Hagara (2/22/12) (5%)
- H Warmaster (4/10/12) (15%)
- 8/8 Normal the first week of Dragon soul.
We have also cleared 7/7 H in Firelands including Glory of the Firelands Raider

Rampage Battlegroup
Chicago Datacenter

Group 1 (6/8 HM)
Raid Days/Times:
*Tuesday @ 8:00pm - Midnight CST (6-10pm PST)
*Wednesday @ 8:00pm - Midnight CST (6-10pm PST)
*Monday @ 8:00pm - 11:00pm (optional day) CST (6-10pm PST)
1 Mage (Fire/Arcane)
1 Healer (Priest/Druid)
*Also considering
1 MT (Blood DK)
1 OT (Paladin or Druid) w/ dps spec + gear

All applicants should have at least 3/8 Heroic progression to be considered

My RealID is Bradscialabba@gmail.com feel free to add me if you want to get in contact

If you would like to apply please visit http://www.Subdue-Guild.com/ and fill out a short application. You may also contact Katface or Seleukos in-game.
updated, recruiting for next raid week
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Daily bump
Also willing to consider a Tank w/ dps offspec for our MAIN run on Wed/Thurs
Bump for Ultra kill tonight
still looking for good players
bumpity bump
yup, wtb hunter
02/13/2012 03:40 PMPosted by Katin
yup, wtb hunter

^ This
LF hunter
bump for progression

H Hagara + H Zonozz this week

possibly looking for a good BLOOD DK TANK
This is on meh server =0
I'm looking for a position as a guild officer as well as a raider. add me at jarrod.wray@gmail.com if you are interested.
02/25/2012 03:33 AMPosted by Deathmooze
I'm looking for a position as a guild officer as well as a raider. add me at jarrod.wray@gmail.com if you are interested.

Real ID request sent

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