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Roles are outdated, need a new system period. Seriously, if a group of myself and 24 friends were chilling in the park and a big dragon came down, I doubt he will concentrate on one person(tank). That dragon is going to try and destroy everyone(moving out of bad, 180 degree arc breath) for ranged to move from, (melee cleave/tailswipe, etc...) for melee ranged players.
The correct decision is a melding of model 3 and model 5. Every "pure" DPS spec needs to become a hybrid, but not by getting a tank or healer spec, but by being given a true fourth role.

this i believe has merit.
i for one would not mind being given the option to be pure utility rather than a dps with a few debuffs/buffs to throw into the swing so to speak.
08/21/2012 11:57 AMPosted by Munhafi
i vote number 3 i think is the best, i love to be a support class.

Why would you necro this, why?

After two expansions of homogenization, Blizzard wants to bring back utility? I'm not sure how it'd work given the established paradigm of "Bring the player, not the class." Seems to me like it'd be shifting to "Bring the spec, not the player nor the class"

As for roles, I think they'll always be necessary in these kinds of games. Diablo 3 has no roles and every MP game feels like a 4-man zerg. Even FPS games have roles now and have for quite a while actually. Of course, GW2 is trying to go role-less. We'll see how it goes, but I think EvE's model would actually work the best where you can fulfill any role but only one at a time and unless you're in your own home base you can't switch out on the fly (and that game has way more than 3 fleet roles).

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