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AV and IoC is great for undergeared players to gain honor, especially AV for Alliance players since it is easier for us to win than Horde
Best BG weekend for honor farming if you have few pvp gear would be AV, IoC and Strand.

IoC because there are plenty of other things for you to do to help your team that doesnt solely rely on gear(like manning the keep cannons). Av because you can go with a huge group of people which mean you can mingle with them and be less of a target. As for SoTA its the same thing with IoC(and depending on wether your attacking or defending it can be a pretty fast win).

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Also, as an open question - how do you balance your Honor pieces against Conquest pieces? Which Conquest pieces do you prioritize?

Always go for the cc removing trinket first! Followed by the head, chest and shoulder piece mainly because these do not drop from BH.
To be all honest?

Do a premade with friends or get carried.

Newbie in a bg without any form of resilience will be eaten alive for breakfast and the bones gwaned upon.

Then as an additional point for discussion:

Is it better to convert Valor to Conquest and do Tol Barad raids to get a few PvP items before stepping into PvP at all, then finish gearing up via Honor and Conquest after?

I've found that doing Tol Barad I can get ~600 honor points for winning Tol Barad as an attacker. ~400 for losing as an attacker, and ~400 for winning as a defender. ~200 for losing as a defender.

I'd say the average Tol Barad battle I've been in on my realm takes about 8-12 minutes.

Comparing that to battlegrounds: ~10 minutes in Strands of the Ancients, Alterac Valley and Isle of Conquest with ~200-400 for winning and ~90-200 for losing. And ~15-25 minutes in Twin Peaks, Battle for Gilneas, Arathi Basin, and Warsong Gulch for ~200-300 honor points for winning, and ~30-100 for losing.

At least that's what I've found.

02/08/2012 07:48 PMPosted by Zerde
Also, as an open question - how do you balance your Honor pieces against Conquest pieces? Which Conquest pieces do you prioritize?

Always go for the cc removing trinket first! Followed by the head, chest and shoulder piece mainly because these do not drop from BH.

Another gear piece for pvp to note is the glove piece with justice and conquest points - every class has a bonus on it. And having the two piece set adds +400 resilience.
Well, I always found it easier to switch between Premade BGs in the week followed by Told Borad ques. You get decent honor from each,and with premade bgs, it gives you more if your group works together.
When the weekend rolls around, Do the same but que for Call to Arms mostly. Ventrilo and a bunch of friends and food takes off the edge from a brutal whooping loss sometimes ;]
For those of us who have no one to help us learn how to PvP in BGs (as was the case with me), I recommend spending a little time and resources in obtaining a full set of crafted gear. While it isn't as good as the honor gear you can buy by earning honor, it is much better than the PvE blues and greens most new 85s wear when they join BGs.

Also, I'd say it is even better than the purples from raids and dungeons because the resilience will keep you alive long enough to learn what to do in various situations. No, you won't be blowing up the DPS or healing charts with it, but having crafted gear will earn you more kudos from your teammates than if you came in with those PvE blues.
How I am currently gearing for PVP casually without touching the RBGs or Arenas.

Occationally PVP daily for the 100 conquest bonus.
Weekend, multiple runs to push for a few more CPs.
Purchase helm and shoulders first to utilize the excessive TB tokens for turn in on the specific enchants.
Run BH every week for the chance of freebies.
Continue believing that I'll actually break the point to get the 397 weapons. (I CAN DO IT!!!!)
Above all else, have fun with it.
I say get crafted PvP gear and get steamrolled.

You get honor even though you spend half the time camping your graveyard as a ghost.
So far, i've found it far easier to grind out dungeons for Justice points to get the basic PvP gear to help survive. Going into BGs in PvE gear you might as well be naked.
I always make sure I PVP as I level so my fresh 85s are honor capped (I usually buy two war mounts and 60/70 gear along the way) as soon as they hit. That way you start off with a two piece bonus from the getgo.

Call to Arms weekends should never be squandered, especially if it's AV.

Craft or buy some PVP blues, if possible, or if you must, stack some PVE epics to fill the holes in your set until you can replace it with PVP gear to help your damage when squishy. This is most effective as ranged or stealth. If PVP is your main thing, equip the drops you win in dungeons, exchange the JP for honor/valor for conquest.

Bring guildies (hopefully at least one is a healer) to help you survive. It's better than running solo.

When it comes to conquest pieces, I usually try to gather head, gloves, shoulders, legs, and chest (depends what drops I get from BH, if any), and snag the weapon as soon as possible.

P.S. - I should note that I don't arena seriously and only do RBGs once a week for a few hours with my guild. These tips are mostly for fresh 85s.
Do Tol Borad to get PVP Items... are you mad?! Blizzard ruined the ability to get gear out of that place by not allowing Tokens to drop. I know many a people who have raiding TB for months at a time on multiple toons, and haven't gotten a piece. Statistical probability = 1:24,520 you will get a Spec specific piece that you don't already have, deminishing the odds as you progress every week without getting a TB piece.

And going into a season with a new toon >4 months from a new season = Useless if you want to be competative. Gear will play a big factor on success in Arena and RBG's. Skill is OBVIOUSLY the vital peice, but gear will throw you in the mix and give you a fighting chance.

And if you consider playing Random BG's being competative, just go out and get 1 week worth of Honor gear and you will be topping all charts and destroying everyone, because the real skill is in the Arena and RBG scene.

Also, in response to another question, you choose your gear based on Stat upgrades that are most beneficial. I.E. If your main stat to stack is MASTERY it is MUCH more beneficial to buy a 1650 Piece with MASTERY on it then it is to upgrade your 1650 piece that has CRIT. etc etc...
I'm going to rephrase my earlier post because it might not have been worded right.

To prepare for a new PvP season when new conquest gear comes out it is highly suggested to get as high of a rating as you can early on in the season. Since other players will be getting better gear and will consequently be doing more damage, you too, should try to get the new gear to help reduce the amount of damage you take and to increase the amount of damage you put out.

The best way to get conquest points to buy your gear would be through rated battlegrounds since an equal arena rating wont give you as high of a conquest point cap. The easiest time to get your rbg rating up would be at the start of a new PvP season since later on most groups will be asking for a "cr," or current rating making it difficult for you to get into a group if you didn't already have a head start.

This is the best technique I have found for gearing up quickly to prepare for a new PvP season as the question asks.
The crafted gear can often be super expensive, so likely farming justice and converting to honor is the best way to go. Or, if you have some heirlooms, doing BGs as you level will help if you save the honor.
Here's what poorly geared players should do in BGs:

Isle and Strand: the machinery doesn't care what gear you have, so you should be the one shooting (or driving the demos/glaives, etc). Just make sure you have an idea of what to do before you drive. For cannons, always focus on vehicles first, players once there are no vehicles to hit.

Isle (stealther): go cap one of the support nodes (quarry, refinery) and then camp it. If a superior force comes, let them cap it, wait til they leave, and re-cap it. One person doing this gives their team 15% more siege damage - that wins games.

AV: Cap and hold. AV is one of the best BGs for noobs because you can still do an important job, even if you're not rambo. Help guard a tower or just be one of the people to run straight to the enemy base and cap the GY or one of those towers. Sure, if defenders show up, you're still gonna die easily, but you can still try to do a useful job.

Flag node BGs (AB / Gilneas): Anyone can defend a flag. Call out incomings EARLY, and then use every CD you can NOT to kill the enemy, but to stay alive. As long as your team has the inclination to play defense, some help should be on the way... and even if your node gets overwhelmed, you can still hold it with rotating GY spawns - that's the advantage of playing D, don't underestimate it.

Flag running BGs (WSG / Twin Peaks): These are the most gear/skill dependent BGs. Tactics still definitely come into play, but mostly it comes down to brute force - both due to the nature of the BG, and the fact that there's only 10 people. Avoid these if possible, play anti-healer if you must be in them.

Any BG (especially BGs like WSG, Twin Peaks, and AB/Gilneas to a lesser extent) - play Anti-healer - Most classes can tie up a healer quite well just with abilities - sheep/fear/interrupts don't care about your gear. Hang back from a group of people moving to a node, be the last one there, and then engage any enemy healers. While you're stopping that healer from doing his job, your better geared teammates are killing his friends.
First step: Buy the boe blue pvp gear
second step: Start running bgs on any bg weekend, if you dont have time, thats fine because you get the extra honour for the ones you can run, try and find a premade if possible
Third step: Everyone keeps saying buy off pieces last...if you pvp, and you are not a human...get your trinket first
Fourth: Get two piece for the resil bonus
Fifth: get your off pieces
Now at this point you should have enough resil to get into some arenas, look for people doing 2's for points, and get your weekly cap
Sixth: get the rest of your honour gear so chest legs, helm gloves...what ever you didnt get from the original 2 piece set
Now my last step is probably controversial and many people may disagree, but dont get the honour weapon. Most people who are going into pvp also run heroics, get a weapon from there and use that for now...wait and get your weapon with conquest points...yes it may take awhile but in the end it will be worth it, by the time you have gotten all your other gear 2 weeks may have passed and you'll be able to get your weapon for a fresh 85 get the honour weapon.

These are just my opinions...and what i do at the beginning of seasons when i come back after breaks from wow.
Im surprised to not see this;

New PvP players or aspiring pvpers if you don't know where to start, consult your friend or guildie with corresponding armor profession and make a goal to get all the vicious pvp blues, the item level is 377 and a great place to start even before you step on the battlefield.

Also never get kited, its the biggest mistake you can do.

(Edit: person who posted before me had the same idea at the same time apparently)

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