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I say get crafted PvP gear and get steamrolled.

You get honor even though you spend half the time camping your graveyard as a ghost.

Yeah, that is a problem I see with many players. They don't come in to win, they come in to farm. Too many of those types on your team (and it happens quite often) and then no one will enjoy the BG, except the opposing side.

I'd offer serious new PvP players to treat BGs (even random BGs) like you would raids: go in with the best gear, spec, and strategies you have available.
I just finished gearing up my first character and it was allot of fun!

(If you have ever geared up for PVP in an Asian style MMO, for instance AION this will be a breeze and alot of fun comparatively.)

There's an awesome amount of PVP guides and information online for WOW which helps, one in particular helped me allot: I began watching Swifty's Youtube channel ( to wrap my head around warrior pvp and was even able to find his character ( and use it as a reference for what a geared out Warrior might look like then change it to suit your playing style and finances etc.

One truly awesome thing about gearing out in this game is once you do hit the lvl cap, honor comes much more easily (400-500 honor per wining bg is common.) therefore heirlooms are easy to get and you next character has a much easier time leveling up and doing low lvl BG's this always gives you something to look forward to.

Good luck!

Then as an additional point for discussion:

Is it better to convert Valor to Conquest and do Tol Barad raids to get a few PvP items before stepping into PvP at all, then finish gearing up via Honor and Conquest after?

And not earn points towards "Total Season Earned"? Rookie mistake.
Oh, one thing I think should really be noted: Make sure you read up on how to play your spec in PvP. PvP stat weights, specs, and stat priorities aren't the same as for PvE. Make sure you learn yours. I understand that gearing up is the main topic for discussion, but knowing how to play properly will let you get the most out of what gear you do have, and will make the gearing up process more entertaining and faster.
i try to grind out the 2-piece for honor on my toons, then get the weapon if possible, then the trinket (on use), then i get the helm, then the rest of the gear doesnt really matter s i have all the base eessentials for pvp.

doing this during alterac valley weekends is effective from the sheer amount of honor per-deaths you get. same with isle of conquest and strand of the ancients.

once you have the 2-piece, on-use trinket, helm, and some sort of either pvp honor weapon, or a weapon from heroics, do some 2s every week at a low rating for points to get conquest gear to help while you grind out some more honor pieces.
AV weekend is probably the best choice for beginners. You can stick with the group unit you get some gear (but once you do, please get out there, back-cap some towers and cause a little chaos; it makes thing a lot more interesting.)

If you have a friend or guildy who can make you some starter PVP gear, that helps, but don't spend too much money or resources on it. If you can settle in for a marathon weekend of the current BG, you will be replacing your gear pretty quickly.

Also, if you PVE regularly , don't forgot all those unused Justice points you probably have; convert to honor and get an instant leg up.
Nowadays, I just gear up via the dungeon finder, once I can get into LFR I figure that's a good time to start pvping.

You're going to get killed, but if you stand back (assuming you're a ranged class, sorry meleers!) and take out the healers / easy targets (mages, warlocks, rogues) you'll be golden.

As for gear, I get my trinkets first, Medallion of the Alliance / Horde and the Battlemaster trinket (all resilience stats, survivability is amazing).

After you get your trinkets, start working on your set. I get 4/5 and then start working on other pieces that would be a better upgrade.

And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COMMUNICATE! It's amazing when a random BG group communicates. We can pin-point where the flag is, where the Horde are coming, etc. So, please! Use that chat feature! (Using caps lock to spam things like "NOOBS YOU NO COME TO LM, YOU SUCK!!!" isn't helpful, please don't do that. :) )
02/08/2012 07:49 PMPosted by Callistos
For those of us who have no one to help us learn how to PvP in BGs (as was the case with me), I recommend spending a little time and resources in obtaining a full set of crafted gear. While it isn't as good as the honor gear you can buy by earning honor, it is much better than the PvE blues and greens most new 85s wear when they join BGs.

Many new players/alts skip getting the crafted blues for a few reasons. Sometimes they have the gold/time/mats to obtain 377 gear, sometimes they don't--and 377 crafted blues can be quite expensive on some servers, over 1k apiece for plate/leather items (tailoring crafted blues tend to be "relatively" cheap).

I'd like to see relatively cheap pvp blues be available via honor points, where players could get a full set of 377 blues for 1-5k honor (in comparison, a full set of 390 honor gear costs around 24,000 honor, which is over 40 hours of grinding if you won every single game).

Another one of my alts hit level cap recently, capped with 4k honor and 4k jp (she was a former twink). I purchased 390 honor items w/my 4k honor and converted all of my jp to honor after that, in order to buy more honor gear...that left me with 6,600 honor points after conversion, or items that gave me about 1k resilience at level cap (rings, cloak, trinket, bracers). 1k resilience isn't a lot of resilience for 85 bg play.

I am very happy that crafted blues were updated for 4.3 patch, and for some players that is enough to help them through bgs until they manage to upgrade their gear to 390 items, but I'd like to see cheaper items in the future that can be obtainable via honor points (particularly for plate and leather wearing classes).
Well, usually i buy my first BoE's from AH or asa guildie to make them for you. Then you work your way up. Since im a tank, i can queue for randoms fast and easy. Then i trade my frost badges for honor. Usually 5 runs for a piece of armor, and easy money aswell.
  • Don't get in a rush.

  • PvP is easy to burn out on after a rather long string of losses. I'd say the win/loss ration is rather balanced between the two factions, but we've all been there when six or seven games straight are abysmal losses. Don't be discouraged! Because...

  • It does get better.

  • As you gain gear and resilience, you stop becoming a one-shot wonder. Enemies are forced to blow offensive cooldowns to kill you. As you reach this gear level, you can stop watching your hp vanish and start to paying attention what your opponents are doing. "That DK is letting off snowflakes! He'll immune my stun, so save it," is one example of observations you'll be able to make on the fly.

  • Time to step it up.

  • If you're a very involved PvPer, you can easily walk away from each battle with a total honor gain of... 200-400. It depends on if you win lose, as well as what BGs you were part of. Once you have gained all you can from these BGs, it's time to find yourself an arena partner!

    Note: The best BGs for Honor gains, in my opinion, are Strand of the Ancients and Alterac Valley. These have PvE-esque content that award a flat amount of honor when they inevitably come down. (Towers, walls, captains dying, etc etc.)

    Generally how I have approached the problem of say gearing a fresh alt mid-pvp season is to get whatever I reasonably can of the crafted Resil gear...then just start queueing the randoms. Its not easy sometimes sure...but you can usually find a niche and contribute *something*.

    For example it doesn't take full Ruthless to sit vigilantly at a base and yell "Incoming!" Maybe to survive the incoming it would help...but hopefully your team responds and maybe you can even just play "avoid the mean guy" until help arrives. And CC knows no benefit from more Str or Int...protect those vehicles. Snare a flag carrier. And if the location allows for can always run bombs.

    What i would normally do to get gear start of by 1. getting as many crafted blues as my gold could buy....Then if Wintergrasp or TB aren't up do random bg for the most honor But, when wintergrasp or TB is up go to that before you try and bg again my reasons ..... wg no one's there so aka free 180honor + u can weekly quests honor 24 for each.... TB Win or lose you get a good bit of honor .... and try to get another weak geared person with you and try some arena's and try to cap so u can save it up or get the better gear first
    If you are new in Battlegrounds it is common to start off wearing PvE gear. The first thing you should do is find out who your healers are and stick to them like glue. The worst thing you can do is be a lone wolf getting pummeled by a PvP-geared player.

    Queue for Tol Barad! There is a great honor points reward and a quest to go along with it. Along with Tol Barad Commendations. If you've forgotten to pick up the quest, ask other players and they'll be more than happy to share it. Plus, you'll help your faction's cause in taking Baradin Hold.

    Once you get enough Honor points to buy your first piece of Resilience gear, aim for the 1650 cost gloves and shoulders first. These are the cheapest pieces and also the fastest way to getting your +400 Resilience set bonus. You'll really begin to notice how you can take more hits from other players.

    As for Conquest points, I would priortize the head and shoulder piece first. The reason is: if you're doing Baradin Hold, there is a chance of getting most of your Conquest Resilience gear as drops rather than saving points. Also, you can use any Tol Barad Commendations you've accumulated towards the head and shoulder slot PvP enchantments.
    always do Tol Tabard when possible, if you're on a high pop server with even numbers H:A, it gives an insane amount of honor, and its a bit of a break from randoms/bg weekend. thats my tip :), make sure to pick up the weekly too, +200 extra free honor.

    Also, genera tip, the less you die, the more likely you are to gain all of the possible honor kills, resulting in more honor, in short, be cautious of your surroundings and use defensive CDs to live, run away back to ur teammates if you get pulled into a group etc etc.
    Doing the larager bgs helps keep you from being a burden upon the team by getting 2 shoted by geared players & crafted pvp gear is usually expensive so I usually skip it. I also tried to avoid doing bgs late at night because I noticed in my battle group alot better players play at the dead of the morning lol and with no resil = !#!@.
    I've been farming the BGS since they were introduced, and I'm an altiholic so I've done this quite a few times.

    Your absolute best way to get your honor gear fast (so you can do more than just spam /rude emotes until you die), is to wait for a BG weekend. Not all of them are good for new players though. Your best bets are:

    1) Alterac Valley
    2) Strand of the Ancients
    3) Isle of Conquest

    Numbers one and three are awesome because you can simply get lost in a crowd of your own teammates. This is especially helpful if you play a ranged class/spec. Melee works as well, but you will tend to be exposed a little more. Number two is a little more difficult to get lost in the crowd, but you can still man a turret or a tank to aid your team best, and I've found that Strand of the Ancients rewards a substantial amount of honor that's probably only second to Alterac Valley.

    Now that you know which battlegrounds to shoot for, the next thing you need to know what to do when you're in them. I'll break it down by BG:

    1) Alterac Valley:

    a) Stick to defending bunkers and towers. Don't worry about the bosses; the giant ravenous mob that is the rest of your team will take care of them. Bunker/tower defense wins games.

    b) If you're part of a large group fighting another large group, try and stay in the middle of your team. You'll be more difficult to target, and you'll live longer. Living longer = more honor.

    2) Stand of the Ancients

    a) Man the guns and/ore the tanks. Since you're undergeared, you're not much help out in the open. Manning a turret and shooting at tanks, or driving them if you're attacking is a good way to avoid being 2-shot. If you're driving, make sure you're paying attention to where the other tanks are going. That's where you want to go too.

    b) Crowd Control. You may not be a damage powerhouse in your blues and greens, but your CC works as good as anyone else's. If you're defending your tanks, use as much CC as possible to get bad guys off of them. The faster they get to gates, the faster you win the game. If you're defending gates, use those same abilities to snare tanks. They can't be feared or sheeped but they can be slowed and they NEED to be as much as possible.

    3) Isle of Conquest

    a) Cap flags. In most games, the workshop, hangar, and docks are heavily zerged, particularly in the beginning. The Refinery and the Quarry usually have very few players, if any, attacking or guarding. Cap those and hang on to them. It's okay if you die, those siege buffs they give are very powerful. In my experience though, players rarely come to attack them.

    b) Kill warglaives. These siege weapons spawn for whoever controls the docks. Frankly, they're a bit OP, but that just means they need to die FAST if the other faction controls them. Look at your map. If you see them rolling toward your base, go and attack them fast. They are usually well guarded but don't have a lot of health, so any damage you can do to them before you die will greatly increase your chances of winning the game (which is more honor for you!).

    I know this is borderline soapbox, and not particularly helpful, but I want to make sure it is said:

    This is a game, so do whatever you think is fun. You don't need to be in a rush to get great gear (though if you can't have fun without it, go for it!).

    If you've come to the War College for answers, I would assume it's because you enjoy PvP, so go do whatever it is about PvP that you enjoy the most, and you will be rewarded with better gear in time. That is how Blizzard has designed this game, and I think that's great!

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