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02/08/2012 07:36 PMPosted by Daxxarri
Also, as an open question - how do you balance your Honor pieces against Conquest pieces? Which Conquest pieces do you prioritize?

As a Healer, and because Conquest points are week limited, AND because you can buy chest/hands/legs from justice points (I know, pve) I went for the powerful upgrade with CP, a necklace... you can get a weapon, shoulders, wrist, and waist, for plain honor.. and then get some valor to buy the head piece first, the feet next, and now you're a powerful hybrid ready to go...

(This is the faster way I found to get epic and good ilvl gear)
For gearing fast, its not as efficient to play as you normally should.

(This is primarily for priest)

In the absence of a BG weekend, I've found it much quicker to queue AV specific even if you lose your random bonus. The games are generally very short, and if you're ungeared you can still carry a large impact defending Vann instead of running suicide missions in most other BGs.

You literally just stand there. You spend 95% of the BG doing nothing.

You wait. You be patient. You time your appearance to drop the fear at the right time to delay them as long as possible, and if they're going to pull and fight, drop pain suppression and barrier and Vann and give your team that extra 5 seconds. It makes a difference.

Other than that, I complete your TB dailies in between so that you don't waste any honor on helm/shoulder enchants.

And since I get into TB instant if I queue, at any time (its never full), try to take advantage of that. Hey, TB is up in 14 minutes? Queue AV. AV took 10 minutes? Queue AV again. TB has 4 minutes left? Join TB. Victory quest once a week is a no brainer, the big thing is to not waste time that you could be in AV waiting in queue, when you can just get some intel on how long before the game ends. You get the same amount of honor for losing TB if you kill 30 minutes in there, or 30 seconds. And if you win, that's cool too.

If you're talking about gearing quickly, then this makes sense, as rude as it is to other players. But hey, I'm not gonna take the weeks of beatings in WSG/AB on a fresh 85---it feels pointless. Take the quick route and just play more once you're geared.

I expect to get some hate for this post, however it is true that the game deson't really feel like it begins until you're geared.
02/08/2012 07:39 PMPosted by Daxxarri
Is it better to convert Valor to Conquest and do Tol Barad raids to get a few PvP items before stepping into PvP at all, then finish gearing up via Honor and Conquest after?

I went straight into BGs with no resil at all, and a full suit of 333ilvl dungeon blues, but being a rogue makes life SLIGHTLY less crummy in pvp on that score, since you can sort of duck in and out of a group fight and stun things so you don't get quite so dead. So I suppose it's really a YMMV depending on your class.
Buy all the 377 pieces? Honestly. Gearing up for PVP is a joke compared to PVE. Yeah, some of the pieces are pricey, but being able to ding 85 spend 3-8k (depending on class) and have a decent amount of resilience and be able to do BGs without getting #@!*d is pretty good. Also, if you're an avid PVPer, most of your level was probably from PVPing so your honor should be capped and you can get a couple honor pieces off the bat too, either accessories or even your 2 set.
just remeber that its a game and have fun.
Hi Everyone,

First I should make things clear:
1. I am not a pvp expert
2. I did this in the most painful way possible before I learned my lesson; I started off with Resto PvE Gear I got squashed like a level 1 mage over and over.

So lesson number 1: Think ahead. If you plan to do any PvP do some battlegrounds while you're leveling up and get that first 4,000 Honor Points. It will help with gearing initially.

Lesson number 2: Get some type of PvP gear. It doesn't have to be purples right away, I farmed savage leather and volatiles and had someone craft Viscious Leather gear. While my dps was horrible (It was so bad, the horde actually ignored me while I was beating on them lol) but I survived a lot longer and didn't spend so much time at the Graveyard.

Lesson number 3: If you're buying 390 gear, don't put the best gems into them unless you have a lot of gold to burn. Picking a +40 instead of a +50 gem saves you a lot of gold. Spend the extra money when you get at 403 piece.

Lesson number 4: Call To Arms... is not always the best. The only call to arms battleground I do is Alterac Valley. Here is why, everyone ques for the CTA battleground which means your chance of getting bad groups increases. So I've been doing random battlegrounds instead and I have been finding that I have been winning them more often and it's been easier to get the Honor Points and Conquest Points.

Lesson number 5: I use both Conquest and Honor Points to upgrade gear. You're gaining conquest points so why not? Some of the gear requires you to have 7800 points before you can buy it, but for example a neck piece does not.

So these are my personal things that I have found.
Also while waiting on BG que's the Grizzly Hills dailies in the bay and the middle (4 quests total) give 50 honor a piece, so there's 200 honor for 5-10 min worth of work between que's.
02/08/2012 07:36 PMPosted by Daxxarri
Strand of the Ancients weekend = full ruthless in ~4 days.

When you say four days, how much time are you spending each day in the battlegrounds.

Also, as an open question - how do you balance your Honor pieces against Conquest pieces? Which Conquest pieces do you prioritize?


Priority 1: Replace any S10 Honor gear directly with S11 Conquest if you do not have full S11 Honor Gear

Priority 2: Weapons

Priority 3: Hard hitting, bigger pieces---the expensive ones. The difference between a S11 Honor chest and a S11 Conquest chest is a bigger difference than the rings---you get more stats for your points.

Priority 4: Enchant/Gem costs---I made a point to go directly to S11 Conquest Legs and Helm from S10 Honor gear because I didn't want to pay to gem and enchant them twice.
If you play Horde, I say Twin peaks is the best. A lot of alliance players are posting here, and they usually win AV/SotA, at least when I play. Anyway, I usually save weapons for last, since on tier weapons from heroics/raids will suffice. I know a lot of people who also don't get PvP weapons unless the stats are better than current PvE weapons. Gurthalak is still the best for melee DPS if I am correct, and that drops off of Madness. The Looking for Raid version will work if committed raiding isn't for you. Hope this helped somebody.
Whenever buying the conquest gear, always wait to buy gloves and leggings last. With any luck they will drop off BH bosses for you
Dont Bg at low levels it will put you off and you may never come back.

Wait till 85, or if you want join a twink bracket and gear up.

I leveled this mage entirely through BG's from level 10, being a mage wasnt so bad. But after 1 day with my warrior i never finished leveling him past 20 in BG's.

Unless Blizz does something about balance at low levels be prepared to die over and over and over and be camped in the gy depending on how many hunters and rogues your team has.
I love BGs. I still have to go buy mats every now and then to not waste Honor. So I don't have any problem farming gear, I find it very enjoyable even when I'm a newly geared player.

My rules :
1) Don't play to grind gear. Play to have fun.
2) Don't get in arguments.
3) Challenge yourself.

My reasons :
1) Yes, that means I will fight in the middle of the road and not go for objectives first. "Winning is fun" ? Sure, that's why there are rated BGs. "Winning is more honor" ? Sure, but if I'm burned out after 3 BGs of 300 honor, I did less honor than the 10 BGs at 200 honor.
2) I'm near dead silent in BGs, because as soon as you get into arguments you get mad no matter if you're right or wrong (I'm always right though) and that's no fun. Refer to #1 for why it's better to have fun for pure grinding purposes.
3) When I'm way undergeared, I try to beat better geared players 1v1. When I'm geared (like now), I look for uneven fights. There's nothing more boring than running as a team and gang banging the lone alliance; there's nothing more awesome than being that single player fighting 1v4 and bring at least 2 with him. It's also the best way to train yourself as you have to prioritize who is worth pummeling, how to position yourself to have options, being fast at changing your focus without Gladius.

With these rules I am sitting at around 170,000 honor farmed on this warrior and around 50,000 over ~4 alts that are all still under 70.
Do Tol Borad to get PVP Items... are you mad?! Blizzard ruined the ability to get gear out of that place by not allowing Tokens to drop. I know many a people who have raiding TB for months at a time on multiple toons, and haven't gotten a piece. Statistical probability = 1:24,520 you will get a Spec specific piece that you don't already have, deminishing the odds as you progress every week without getting a TB piece.

I used to do BH pretty regularly on three toons but never got a piece that was what I would purchase from the vendor. I stopped trying to get in groups once I moved to this server since they run less frequently
02/08/2012 07:39 PMPosted by Daxxarri
Is it better to convert Valor to Conquest and do Tol Barad raids to get a few PvP items before stepping into PvP at all, then finish gearing up via Honor and Conquest after?

If you can do it. Any edge you can give yourself before stepping onto the battlefield is worth the time...both to keep yourself alive and therefore having fun and to help become more contributory to your teammates. That said also don't have to raid yourself silly and fill every slot with pvp items before you begin. Gear yourself up to where you feel comfortable and go for it...perfection isn't a requirement.

As a long-time pvper the only thing I would really ask of someone starting into battlegrounds...research and effort. Take some time before you queue up and go out there and read about the battlegrounds. Learn what you can about them. And when you get in there...try. Just do the best you can...and Tay is a happy guy.
To be all honest?

Do a premade with friends or get carried.

Newbie in a bg without any form of resilience will be eaten alive for breakfast and the bones gwaned upon.

Then as an additional point for discussion:

Is it better to convert Valor to Conquest and do Tol Barad raids to get a few PvP items before stepping into PvP at all, then finish gearing up via Honor and Conquest after?

Absolutely not. Whether you're ready to go or not, the longer you delay, the longer it takes to gear, period. Grind out those 2v2 points in greens--even if you win 1/6 of your matches, you'll still cap and that puts you 1650 CP ahead of where you would be if you waited, and in much less time than using your VP for it. Plus if you're DPS, you can get by with a couple of VP PVE pieces to supplement your PVP gear anyway.

As for Tol Barad raids, if I waited to get a single piece from BH before starting to gear, I'd likely still not have started to gear.
speaking of converting points... why the hell can't we convert tol barad tokens for honor like back in wintergrasp?
With the way damage is atm, anything short of 4k resil may as well be none at all.

For the ppl trying to gear up, stay with the pack and play support, CC, interupts, slow- you wont be able to kill much (uless you are a mage) and if you get cuaght alone you are dead.

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