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This is coming from someone thats started in greens this season and now Im 1 away from full cata.
Spend about a week grinding Heriocs (atleast intill you get full pve gear that your able to Do BH no problem, It took me about 15 hours played time.) once that is the case then Make sure you do BH every week. get into BH 25 man over 10 man, as there is less demand on you (unless your Tank/Healer, and even then maybe so)

Once you get there. and ready to gear for pvp.

First if you have the gold/time to spend buy/farm the mats to make the crafted pvp set. If that is not the case then your in for a grind Full honor gear. Grinding the honor was the way for me. Finding groups that was running premades will help but there not required. If you only have limited time to play Try and focus your time on the weekend. If it isnt AV, SOTA, Isle, do random bgs as most of the geared players are doing the bg weekend.

I found about a week (20+ hours played time) of good grinding, you will find yourself sitting good enough to join in 2s for conquest. When you start gearing for conquest. to Buy the items that DO NOT drop in Baradin's Hold. Head, Shoulder, Chest, Weapons, Once you get those times, I personally like to buy the most expensive peices first if you havent won them. And remember just cause you got the item from BH doesnt mean its the right item with the right stats for your spec.

I hope this helps. This is exactly what I did for greens to cata. (didnt get the crafted sets) about to do it again once I get another alt to 85.
> Doing Wintergrasp when no one else is there to oppose is an easy ~170 HPts (+24HPts for any of the weekly PvP quests you do there). I find it better than Tolbarad for that reason alone; you won't have people focusing (and therefore globaling) you as you try to get geared.

>> Don't forget the Grizzly Hills PvP dailies too. 50 HPts per daily adds up.

> Try to buy the most expensive items first, that way once they are out of the way, you can buy the rest of the items much quicker and at a much better pace.

> If you are a weapon damage dealing spec that also PvEs, You don't *really* have to buy a pvp weapon as long as its at least iLV378. If you have the BoA Zin'rohk from archeology you can use that as well.

> Gemming for resilience might be useful, but if you're going to do this as a DPS spec, do this AFTER hit capping your character. Also try to avoid gemming pure +Resilience, use the +RSL/+STAT gems instead; resilience is important, but don't ever compromise the stats your spec really needs for it.

> Level your crafting profession for the blue sets, it is by far the least aggravating way to start gearing for pvp.

>> If your spec desires the same primary stat of a blue pvp set of a lower armor tier, then you can get away with equipping them JUST for the defenses it provides (most damage in PvP is magical, and the few exceptions have attacks/skills that bypasses armor anyway, so +Armor is honestly not that useful as a defensive stat in PvP). In fact, this may be one of the few cases where it is better to forgo the armor bonuses for the sake of actually having resilience.
I think that if you get removed from a bg from afk more then twice then it should ban you from queing for them for the rest of the week.
Having a lot of experience with gearing for PvP , here are a few things to note:
- Try working on getting mainset pieces first, specially Shoulders, Helm, Chest since legs and gloves drop from BH. PvP trinket should be the last piece that you get as long as you have some sort of a pvp trinket (the TBC one from hellfire is good to start grinding honor).
- Try to cordinate with some friends to bg grind with you. It should be a little more cordinated than having 40 people from other servers.
- Look for top players and see how they spec. Try to get used to your future PvP spec, since you are going to be playing it a lot
- Do the objectives "that suck". Defending towers in AB, defending bases, staying with the flag carrier if you're a healer or go attack the fc with a couple of people at the same time (ALWAYS make sure, that your Flag carrier is not alone, or a node is always protected)
- Have some stuff to keep your head clear. Movies, reading forums while you're dead or watching E-sports event for Starcraft of World of Warcraft (i do this!)
- Take a break and step away from the computer whenever u start feeling really bored. Gettin burned out is not fun :D.
I hope I helped ;)
For me the fastest way to gear up my toons involves a few factors. But first here are my recommendations:
1. Get a pvp trinket. It is the worst to be undergeared, even moreso without a way of escaping those stuns and fears.
2. Go Healer/Ranged dps and hang in the back to avoid being focused targeted. You will live a little longer and earn more honor through the efforts of others, while also contributing in some small way.
3. CTA weekends. More likely to win or at least acquire more honor/conquest.
4. Do Random Daily to start getting Conquest points.
5. Get resilience gear. Every Armor crafting profession has a baseline pvp set. More resilience = live longer = more honor.
6. Baradin Hold. Start a group and beg people to stick with you. Try to fill with classes that you will not have to compete with. Valor earned here can eventually be used to buy that pve trinket or converted into more conquest.
7. Buy Carries With the addition of RBGs and faceroll classes in arena carrying has never been easier. You will lose a lot but getting conquest capped through this option when you are undergeared will pay dividends later once you can buy the weapons.
8. Premades Assemble a premade group even if it just includes friends, use PremadeAV and get those solo queues with friends. At least your group can communicate and coordinate.
9. DONT LOSE FAITH!!! It sucks but if you hang in there it will get better. Well that is only the half truth but you would be globalled as easily. Its funny because for a game that tries to balance the pvp aspect of it... where it is most competitive is also where it is most inequitable. Kinda the rich players (geared players) can ROFL stomp undergeared players that really have no chance anyways.
roll a healer extra pvp heals is always good ... fast way 2 win + get more honor.... if ur a spellcaster with no resil ...stay back out of trouble and free cast ....or stick with fc
Depends a lot on how you want to play. I, for one, Prefer PvE. (Despite playing a rogue) I enjoy PvE; dungeons and raids all day! But sometimes I want to roll face. (Or attempt to, I should say. I couldn't kill a level 40 priest AFKing in AV if I tried. But enough about my failure at PvP) I found the easiest way to gear myself for pvp was to run around and do whatever I could to assist during Battlegrounds. I found myself getting wrecked immediately, but I gave the enemy team something to attack OTHER than the team members who mattered. Through the wins (These BGs were in rapid fire) I was able to buy piece by piece of Vicious gear, which lead to me being able to buy Ruthless and now, Cataclysmic gear. I'm not TERRIBLE in Arenas, But I obviously have A LOT of room to improve. (Check my arena score. Its sad.)

If you find yourself to be a more PvE oriented player, There you go. Just take it easy and grind a few every once in a while and before you know it, BAM. you have gear that allows you to take more than one melee hit from a lock. (Grats)
If your more pvp oriented, A good way is to use your valor/justice to trade in for the equivalent pvp currency. Its just another way to do it. Plenty of ways to gear yourself for PvP. Just try to have fun doing it. If you don't have fun doing it, you turn into an Elitist Snob who cares nothing for the so called "Baddies". you start using words like "Carry" and "Pwnd". It just doesn't get fun anymore. But hey, Whatever floats your boat. Just have fun with it. I know I did. (Still do, mind you.)

However, Another thing to keep in mind is that Gear is only half of it. If your playing a rogue in an arena and your using Sinister strike as a sublty rogue, You have an issue. You wont get anywhere. you just need to make sure that you have the skill to handle the situation. (I'm still working on that part.)
This will get you geared up with the following in mind:

- people will sometimes kick you from the BG if your health is low (less than 120K), so we're trying to get stamina up quick
- the two piece bonus for extra resilience is acquired early, as is a CC break.
- we want the best conquest piece possible in the first week without wasting honor.

0) Buy the level 70 PvP trinket if you're not a human. You need the CC-break for a really cheap honor cost. Don't spend the 1650 honor at first, just spend 100 honor to get the cc break.

1) With honor, first buy the two cheapest of the tier set (gloves and shoulders) for the 400 bonus resilience

2) Next keep buying the cheapest honor gear for each slot first (bracers, then rings, then boots, etc) EXCEPT belt and trinkets.

3) After many games, you should have enough conquest to buy the belt (which, at 1650 conquest, matches your cap for the week, so it's the best non-tier piece of gear with stam that you can get in week 1).

4) Now go buy the two trinkets with honor

5) Finally, the worst bang-for-your-buck, but still good choices, are the head and shoulder enchants, so get those last.

Other info:
1) Get at least greens from your questing to 85. Don't gem or enchant them - they're too expensive since you'll be replacing them.

2) Unless your server is crazy, or you have oodles of money, don't waste your gold on the crafted pieces. Instead...

3) Do a bunch of PvE BGs (sota/AV/IOC) where no one will care how you're geared or kick you for being undergeared until you have enough stam on your gear so that you're not kicked.

4) Gem and enchant your honor/conquest gear as soon as you get it.
Love the idea of this post, I just wanted to say that and... can we get these stickied at least temporarily as these in my opinion will help people tremendously.

Also, the way I've always done it, is just pvp my butt off, yeah at first I go down like a cannonball through a wet paper sack, and I hit people like a limp noodle, but after some dedication I can hold my own..... man... this makes me miss pvp a bit...
Well a tip i would give for someone starting out in PvP or just gearing up would be just invite friends, even if you lose it can still be fun and it doesn't make the grind seem so bad.
I tend to try and farm the BG weekends to be honest. BUT ive been failing in that lately... Too much other stuff to do.

Farm bg weekends get gear in a couple days.
In all honestly, grinding for honor gear is like losing weight, it's not going to happen all in one night, but over a period of time if you have the commitment.

Whatever trick you decide to use to obtain the honor (and hopefully without the use of a bot), just stick with it and be patient, and the gear will start to roll in.

I've noticed that some players have written posts that are all about BG tips (for example), but don't cover gearing. I think that the response so far has been awesome and the helpful posts are too, since there's some good advice in there, but it's best to keep posts on topic. Each week I'll be covering a different PvP related topic, and yes, we'll include battleground tactics - likely with an entire thread dedicated to tactics for a single battleground.

It will help us all get the most out of War College threads if every poster limits comment to the weekly prompt and everyone keep things focused.

It's easier just to convert valor to conquest as a tank/healer because you gear up so much faster than a DPS

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