[A] Misguided Angels (8/8) Dragon Soul Recrui

Shattered Hand
Misguided Angels
(8/8) is recruiting for our second core 10man DS group. MGA has been around in Shattered Hand for going on six years and would like to get another core raid group together.

We are looking for all classes and specs to supplement current members to get the group up and running ASAP. As with any guild of our size food/flasks/repairs are all provided.

Raid times will vary based off of all raiders schedule. We generally try to keep the guild a little bit on the casual side, as such normal raid times are three times a week for 2-3 hours between 9p and 12 server time, but as said before it will depend on what works best for the raid group.

If you're interested in joining contact me (Octaviantwo) on the forms or in game, also Sylaar or Chrisarl in game. Info we are looking for is:

Main toon info (class/spec)

Past raiding history.

Past guilds and lengths of membership.

Times your interesting in raiding

As well as any other thing you believe to be relevant information

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