[A]Bismarck Recruiting for 10mans

<Bismarck> is a raiding guild and we are recruiting for our two 10 man raid groups. We are a diverse bunch with people from Singapore, Canada, Australia. We are starting hardmodes and are recruiting the following

We are currently recruiting for:
10 man Group on Saturday, 7pm ST, 1 melee(pref ret pally or rogue), 1 ranged (pref hunter)

Looking for people who are punctual and show up for every raid, also need to have 8/8 experience, as well as at least a ilvl of 385+.

If interested please feel free to approach any of our members who are online. Thank you.

me and friend maybe interested in the casual alt run on fridays.

I'm currently 8/8 and 1 HM

and friends name is Stupidogue - Rogue. who is 8/8 as well on his main.
Awesome:) please contact me in the game so we can discuss the details.
Hi Cheese,

Sorry was on the phone when u messaged me in game. Wanted to get hold of u but u never came back on. I'll be on tonight I will message if ur on or send u in game mail
Original post has been updated.
still got a tank slot?:D tempted to transfer and faction change:D
Yes, the tank spot is still open :) If you do transfer please feel free to contact any officer of our guild for more info.
Updated once again.
Hi Cheèsebox, do u still have slot for hunter?...

If ya ,can u send me a in game mail or whisper me...?
first post is updated.
I am interested in joining, 8/8 Normal Exp, and achieved Heroic Morchok and know the Ultrax fight on heroic.

My ilevel is 387 and I am working on gear to improve, and am willing to wait till a spot opens up if needed.

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