[A] Dissension 5/8 (r) Is Now Recruiting!

Burning Legion
Dissension is a lv. 25 guild with much talent. We are looking for more individuals to join us in progression raiding at its finest. We are primarily looking for melee/ranged DPS, but are in need of healers as well. We currently have 2 raids running, group 1, Tuesday/Wednesday at 8pm server, and group 2 running Friday through Sunday at 7pm server. We will eventually work on 25 man when we have enough continuous raiders with us.

We are a family style guild, and will welcome anyone for the challenge. We run 5-mans during off time, and are soon to begin guild PvP. It is an all out fun experience to anyone who enjoys the game. We are an adult guild, and everyone is helpful (i.e leveling alts, assisting others, etc.) If you are looking for a "Drama Free" environment, this is the place for you!

If you are looking for a fun experience with the game, and up to the challenge, we welcome you to come and join us for the never ending battle!

PST an officer for an invite today!

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