[A] <Nagrand> Dexterity 6/8 DS 10 Heroic LFM

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Hey Krzydruid. One thing weve learned over time is that its good to always keep the doors open even if we have a full team. If you're looking for somewhere to raid in MoP, by all means put in an app once youre stable and we'll review our needs then.

If youre after somewhere to hang till then, have a chat to us in game.

LF Range DPS. Boomkin/Electric space goat/Spriest.

Other exceptional players considered.
Looking for competent RDPS still
Ranged Dps Spot still avail
Need ranged dps
Still looking for ranged DPS. I KNOW everyone one of you has a hunter
Need DPS, dont be shy guys
bump for WM kill
I have just created a thread if you're still interested in a RDPS?

Looking for range dps
need dps
bump - need geared and competent DPS
dps pls
I can raid the nights posted.

IL400 with 5/8HM experience

(Guild Launch was down hence why I posted :P)
The site is back up. Would definitely be interested ing getting you in. Just chuck in an app and well get back you you asap
As squid said sites up and working again sorry for inconvieniance caused. We look forward to seeing a appl from you.
Spots available for all classes currently. Apply Via www.dexterity.guildlaunch.com

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