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Computus Demum (Horde, Eonar-US) is recruiting.TL;DR: CD is a guild of adults who enjoy beating the most difficult content. We're looking for like-minded, mature people to join us. We raid 7:30 to 11:00 PM Eastern time Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday on US-Eonar. Loot is done by DKP. We're looking for more skilled players to help push into Cataclysm raiding.

Apply at http://computusdemum.net

Kills so far this expansion: 8 Heroic kills(Halfus, Valiona & Theralion, Magmaw, Chimaeron, Atramedes, Maloriak, Nefarian, Conclave of Wind) in Tier 11 before 4.2.

Full clear of Firelands normal in Tier 12 with Heroic Shannox, Majordomo, Baleroc, Beth'tilac, Alysrazor and Rhyolith down. We also have completed Glory of the Firelands Raider.

Full clear of Dragon Soul normal. Morchok & Hagara down without the DS nerf. Yorsahj down with 5% nerf, Zon'ozz and Ultraxion down with 10% nerf, and Gunship down with the 15% nerf. Morchok kill was #78 US.

Here's what we're looking for. There's some background on the guild and our new raiding mentality after the break.

1 Warlock - Any spec - High Priority
1 Healer - Any of the 5 specs - High priority
2-3 Caster DPS - Any spec - Medium Priority
1 Melee DPS - Rogue or Cat - Medium Priority

* Cleared all TBC raids, including Horde First kills of Brutallus, Felmyst (pre-3.0), Eredar Twins, Muru, and Kiljaeden(post-3.0).

* Cleared all Tier 7 content, including Server First Sartharion+3

* Several server firsts in Ulduar, including a 71st World 10 Man Vezax Hard Mode kill (OOH YEAH)After 9 months of raiding elsewhere, server and faction transfers, and wishing CD was still going, the majority of our core raiders returned to Eonar to rebuild. Despite being a few months behind, we powered through to 11/12 HMs in ICC10 and 25. Our focus this time is not on racing to see if we can kill pixels faster than other guilds; we don't feel like we have anything to prove in this department.

The breakdown:

* Lighter Schedule - We'll be raiding Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday from 7:40 to 11:00 pm.

* Competitiveness - As stated, we're not in this for the progression thread. Content will be taken at our own pace.

* Attitude - We're shooting for a laid back atmosphere. No vent rage, no stress.

* Maturity, Class, and Accountability - Wanting to have fun raiding doesn't equate to putting up with people standing in whichever variety of fire we're dealing with, participating in whatever "Anal" jokes are going on in trade, or being a giant douche in general. Our standards are what led to our previous success, and we're going to continue to uphold them.

* Leadership - The majority of our officers (see: all but 1) have returned to rebuild the guild, and we expect the one last jerk to come back for Cataclysm. We are a group of players that have been at this since Molten Core, strategized our way to catching up with and passing all other Horde guilds in Sunwell, and making an environment where people enjoy raiding with each other. We know how to make a guild work. We also have learned from the experience of blowing the guild up in Ulduar, and we know the pitfalls to avoid.

* Getting stuff done - We like playing this game at high levels. We're going to beat the hardest content in the game, with no exception. Hard modes and pointless achievements alike will be taken on.The future: We fully plan to raid the hardest content possible in Cataclysm. Despite the changes to the lockout system, we are staying with 25 mans and will push into 25 man hard modes as soon as we clear a place once on normal mode. We have no intention of adopting a hardcore mindset, though, so we'll push through the content at our own pace. There is also at least 1 planned 10 man progression group that will be run on Thursdays. This is purely optional, but if you are proficient on your alts and are interested, there will definitely be options to progress on your alts as well. If we sound like the right fit for you, I encourage you to apply at http://www.computusdemum.net or contact an officer in game for more information.
We offer serious, hardmode raiding in a mature, respectful environment. What could be better?
This guild is definitely one of the best that I've been in a long time. I've had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs with the members. I've enjoyed seeing the new recruits come in and join our raid team. We are still looking for more to add to our team so that we do have a full raid core on raid nights. Which some nights we do and others we are struggling or just have a few members with a slight delay. As you can see from the previous posts there is a general idea of what we'd like to see come to the guild. Not only that but there is a lot of information about the guild itself. Anyways, I would just like to say that CD does offer cookies and chocolate covered bacon courtesy of the fluffy hunter we like to call Poake.
Wait, chocolate covered bacon exists?
It exists, and now it walks among us. Hunters!
We need bodies to fill raid. Just app plz!!!
02/09/2012 08:44 AMPosted by Begz
Wait, chocolate covered bacon exists?

That's unpossible! Also new outfit...YEAH!
Yes, it does exist Begz. You'd have to ask poake for the instructions to make it but I believe that is besides the point. I do agree with those that said we need willing and able bodies for our raiding group. We'd love to see some more applicants come in as we make our way further into Heroic Dragon Soul.
So yea holy pallies and locks and druids and mages and dks app plz.
Not such a strange thing:



For these concoctions and many more, join CD so Poake can regale you with all the wonderful food he eats.
My favorite is peanut butter M&M night...he's usually pretty cheery.
I thought that said "creepy," tbh.
Is it okay that I reserve creepy for yeo? Jk yeo <3
I am totally ok giving up that title.
Still offering hardmode raiding in a mature, respectful environment. With or without bacon, or chocolate. (I vote for chocolate)
Casters wanted, apply within.
We need more purple people in our guild, wtb warlocks!
Could use a warlock buddy! :D apply please!

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