[H]CD - Eonar - 6/8H 25m - LF Caster DPS +

Guild Recruitment
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Wherever they went :(
Getting pretty close on Blackhorn!
Always looking for more recruits to finish up the expansion!
Dedicated, reliable, "I love my class" men and women raiders: we want you! And you will like it here, so check us out.
And Chill, are you sure we want Bill and Ted? I mean, they're great and all, but I think the whole End of Time/Dragon Soul alternate universe thing is just going to confuse them....
Pffft, they managed it for how many movies?
I updated the thread, btw. 6/8 now. Woo.
On to Spine!
I want to kill a spine!
Man, we're gonna break DW's back!
We'll scare him so bad, some might say he's spineless!
oh he'll be spineless when we get done with him--spineless and lootless :)
OMG, Crabby is back!
We're gonna THROW him BACK into the maelstrom!
Get it? Throw his back?
See, that's why he's hanging on with wings and tentacles....'cause his back is out.
Yeah, I can't make any more spine jokes I give up.
I gave up before you did ;)
Spine jokes are hard! :(
Still looking for quality players!

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