[H]CD - Eonar - 6/8H 25m - LF Caster DPS +

Guild Recruitment
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Finish the expansion and start the new one with a great guild!
Getting out the warlock treats again; must lay a trail to the trap--err, I mean really great guild with progression raiding for warlocks.
WTB demo locks! I'll pay you in nice words!
Tears and anguish, that's what they want Chill--tears and anguish!
WTB locks I'll givr you tears and anguish
What's long and hard? Spine!
I want a dead Spine, all broken into bits, and giving up its loots (gloves!).
It's gonna drop all agility trinkets.
agility trinkets are soooo 2011.
but healing trinkets are so 2000now.
tank trinkets are pretty 2010
strength trinkets are pretty 2012
need quality players QQ
More of what Chillbro said!
Etc., etc. Yes. We still need dedicated, reliable players. Don't make us whine!
Oh, I'll whine. You wont like me when I whine.
I hope ya'all had a happy Easter!
Ugh... this beta thing is taking forever to download. It's 18GB going at about 200kpbs. But at least it's going, which is more than it was doing yesterday.
More players!
I wish I was in beta :(

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