[H]CD - Eonar - 6/8H 25m - LF Caster DPS +

Guild Recruitment
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You'll all be happy to know that I think my mic is fixed. You may want to reduce whatever volume boosts you have on me. Assuming, of course, that you don't have me muted anyway.
I thought you were Drizl! Not only are all the squeaky space station noises gone (it wasn't really so bad, more funny than anything), but your voice sounds a bit different. Well it's all good, so cool.
Looks like it's time for me to unmute Hinar! :p
Still looking for dedicated players.
Indeed, would love some kitties and warlocks.
Ok, so my PC crashed last night a couple hours before my beta download would have been completed.

And when I rebooted and started it up again it started over from the beginning. :(
Where all my warlocks at?
Over at Cynwise's Warcraft Manual (http://cynwise.wordpress.com/), there've been several (three, I think) really thoughtful posts about where all the warlocks are. It's a sad story. :( Although I'm still hopeful we can get one, because CD would be a great, supportive environment for any dedicated warlock who wanted to come raid with us. So if you're out there and you're looking, sir or madam warlock, you know what to do....
Warlocks, kitties, dedicated raiders--apply!
I read his blog too, poor poor warlocks...
Here we are 24h later, and my beta download is slightly over half done! Hooray for 10kbps download speeds!
Give it a beer then! Oh wait, that'll just relax it and make it enjoy itself further at your expense....crack the whip instead. Turn the screws. Don't let up until you get your beta!
Still looking for good players.
Good players still desired; snag a place in a great guild now!

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