[H]CD - Eonar - 6/8H 25m - LF Caster DPS +

Guild Recruitment
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It's brew day!

Making a pilsner and a maibock.
Ewwwww alcohol. Good ol' water is where it's at.
Do you like cooking? Do you enjoy yummy baked goods? Apply to CD now for a chance to win some of yeo's awesome bread!

But seriously...wtb Casters. We are a fun guild looking for new friends to kick some heroic butt with!
Hmm... I feel like maybe I'm being used here... My treats are a privilege, not a right... though if you cast well and are a mature and interesting person we might be able to work something out.
So when exactly do they deliver Warlocks? Maybe I should sit by the door.
Warlocks along with most ranged dps is yummy, we need some more!
Still looking for everything listed up top.
Looking for great people to join up with a great bunch of other people for a huge people thing with people. On WoW.
Your theories of people things intrigue me Poake, where might I sign up for your quarterly pamphlet?
Should I start begging for a warlock to app? I'm getting pretty lonely over here.
You're not showing enough leg BP! If you'd show some more leg, we might get a warlock...
If I show leg, it'll be mostly bone though....hope we get some locks who dig undead legs!
Let's not scare off the warlocks, LOL. I know they're a hardened bunch (and so sinewy!), but still.
My offer still stands to show some undead leg for the warlock if they want!
you guys so silly
Hrm... maybe if we made a trap for warlocks...put a demon under a box with a stick holding it up... >.>
I'd like another Holy Pally to look after my health. I'd like to have another lock to mock... I mean, as a good ranged dps. But most of all, I like me some more mages to converse with! Apply to CD and meet a great bunch of mature people, even if you're not one of the classes I listed.
Single horde guild looking for casters. We like killing dragons, eating lobster feasts, and collecting purple shinys. If you like these things too we would love to meet you!
Don't forget giant tentacle monsters who shout. We like killing those too. First we taunt them by eating baskets of their relatives; then we shoot a lot of magic at them and poke them with rogues. And when they're dead, we take all their favorite toys. We leave only the husk. (No, we don't eat them; well, to be honest, I don't know WHAT the warlocks do. I don't ask questions.)
Happy V-day Computus Demum! Ilu guyz!

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