[H]CD - Eonar - 6/8H 25m - LF Caster DPS +

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Raid is tomorrow!
02/27/2012 11:46 PMPosted by Chillbro
Raid is tomorrow!

You can't prove that!
I wish I had a priest friend...
You rang...?
*ahem* /best singing voice...Sebbie come back! You can blame it all on me!
Dead tentacles are the best tentacles.
It's gray and miserable out--the kind of day you wish a really cool holy priest would apply.

It's sunny and near record high temps here. Which is also a great day for a healing Priest application! Also, thread updated. Way to keep making me update the thread!
Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to be a holy priest (or other classes we may be looking for), and apply today. This message will biodegrade in about 10 years.
Still need more ranged dps/a holy priest!
O holy priest, you have but to apply and we will stand in your sanctuary and not annoy you. Promise.
Ultraxion is dead!

Updated for 5/8 status. Hopefully 6/8 by next week! Keep up the good work folks.
Still looking for a holy priest & ranged dps.
398 spriest.
Still looking for good applicants! (particularly holy priest!)
Really looking forward to Warmaster!
it's warmaster day
Need a holy priest to come join us for heroic warmaster tonight!
Still looking for a ranged dps and priest!

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