[H]CD - Eonar - 6/8H 25m - LF Caster DPS +

Guild Recruitment
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I spy with my little eye something... holy priesty
Quick, get a box over it or something--before it gets away!
Peeks under box. Damn. And we would have given it such a nice home too.
Priests are so slippery!
We caught one! Woohoo!
Now let's make sure we keep it.
oh, we will
good raid night guys
Still looking for more to beef up the roster!
Still need new recruits for killing Deathwing and Blackhorn!
Still need more recruits!
What did one person looking for a guild say to the other person looking for a guild?
Join CD, that's what!

"Man dude, CD looks like such an amazing guild, we should totally app!"
What happened to those two guys? They were supposed to app :(
Still waiting for those jerks.
Always looking for exceptional recruits, as well as those supposed jerks.

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