<HordeCore> 1/8H 10M DS LF 1 Holy Paladin

Burning Legion
Guild name: HordeCore
Realm: Burning Legion (PVP)
Server Timezone: CST (guild leaders are in EST)
Guild Master: Lociendraug
First Officer and Recruiter: Bakuyuki
Real ID: pegwells at bellsouth.net

HordeCore on Burning Legion US (lvl 25 guild) is looking for a dedicated player to fill out our 10M Core group one.

We are recruiting someone who has a good attitude and actually knows how to play their class!

We need an experienced and geared Holy Paladin with at least/approx 385++ ILVL. A strong Ret off spec is a plus.

We are working on Dragon Soul Heroic Progression. We are currently 1/8H DS 10M (pre-nerf).
We hope to carry this team through DS Heroics and into MOP and MOP Heroics. We are looking for a long term relationship, not just a few dates.
We raid Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 7 to 11 server (8-12 EST)

Must be punctual, geared and know the fights. Having a positive attitude is a MUST. Raiding experience in ALL of cataclysm is a big plus. We will be doing old heroics on occasion.

Questions we have for you:

1) Can you keep up a 3 day a week raid schedule? We often have an off raid night on Sunday.
2) Can you sign up for the raids each week on the raid calendar? (It is just a few clicks)
3) Can you show up on days that you've promised to show up? Can you possibly sign on 15 min before raid time?
4) If you cannot show up for a raid can you call us and let us know, or at least send an in game mail?
5) If your personal schedule changes, do you have the courage to let us know you cannot maintain our raids and tell us to replace you?
6) Do you know your class? Do you know how to min/max your stats to tweak for the most benefit? Do you have professions that max out your stats even more?
7) Do you study for the fights before raid time? Do you study the heroic progression as well?
8) Do you have Ventrillo installed with a working Mic? Do you listen closely to your raid leaders? Do you avoid standing in fire/magic/slime/shiny stuff on ground that doesn't heal you?
9) Do you mind doing achievement runs through old raids with your guildmates? Will you wait to run BH with your guildies?
10) Do you have a strong internet connection and not disconnect multiple times in a raid night?

Please send a message (or mail) in game to Bakuyuki or Lociendraug on Burning Legion if you are interested. You may real-id me @ pegwells at bellsouth.net. I am at work right now, but I will be on at approx 7pm tonight to recruit and invite you in!

Thank You.
If anyone is interested in finding a good home, you are welcome to come and join us. We are a close knit group and help each other out. We currently have two raid teams working on DS progression. Core slots are occasionally available.

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