(H)10M 3/12 9pm pst. H Nef/Council/Chogal/Sin

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Please sign up http://www.openraid.us/index.php/users/raid/1104

Raids Scheduled:

3/5 9pm pst
4 bosses to go!:)


Finish T11 heroics

*ILvl 390 or higher
*All gem/enchants in place
*Have vent access
*Be able to listen
*Have DMB Installed
*Have Heroic Nef Experience

Invites Go Out:
Please be on 15 mins before raid time, so invites can go out, will start looking for replacements 7 mins before raid time if you are not on or talked to me previously.

Raids still to come:
BOT ** 2 of 4 hard modes done + 1 Achievement** Scheduled 3/5
BWD **H NEF** Scheduled 3/5




Current Rosters:

Saturday (Heroic /bwd/bot)

Seck- Tank -
Faim- Heals/dps
Alannin- dps
Zurgzurg - dps
shamaze - heals
Kektonic - Dps/heals
Jose - Heals

I'll go! micro_man_58@hotmail.com
im interested.

390 demo lock w/ exp

398 disc/holy priest that would be intrested. i have everything heroic kill back then except last boss of each of the raids. Also have a shadow set 394 but i saw you have a shadow priest. rickerdt3@yahoo.com
Perfect, that would put us at

1 healer
4 dps

The Lengendary items are spoken for, so if that is a problem please let me know. Also I know the times are all over the board but need to find time between work:)

Well if you don't mind another DK I'd be down. 398 DW Frost or 398 Unholy with Gurth.
I am interested in this and would like to heal it on my Priest (Holy). My PvE healing set is ilvl 391 (soon to be higher when I get to log on tonight) and I am gemmed and geared properly. I also do have vent. (:
Hi Naryu - We currently have one disc/holy preist signed up. If one of you was willing to go shadow, having two shadow dps would prob be fine, but I think we would benefit greater by having two different healers. Although it would be great when we want to sub into 3 healers. Nvroom may be willing to go shadow then we would have a spot if not I will have to stick you on stand by.

Craved- Nothing wrong w/ multipe dk's were beast, and have BR:)

**Still need two tanks, also another type of a healer besides a preist, would be nice to get us someone with a lust type ability***
399 ilvl holy pally here, I finish my first raid right then but I'd be down to heal
I am interested in this. 395 Marks/Survival Hunter Real ID Breaken3@yahoo.com if interested. Looking forward to this if you have a spot for me.
Def Breezyod - that would fill up our dps.

So Lightcrusade cane you come Monday or are you going on your raid today? Let me know.

Still need some tanks.
I'm interested, tank!
Perfect - I will add you as our tank!:)
Also I might have another tank, contact me on my server for more details.

I might be on my alt Aeroscythe
I'm more than available for this if you have a spot open. Add me on Real ID: I'm down to roll till everyone gets their respective reward. Meaning I will stick with the group till everyone gets to the goal.

if you need a dps i will go
Dps is full atm, Degel but I will put you down as alternate you never know if people will show up:)

Still need tanks/heals
you have a heal spec Gryhmoor?
I'm interested for sure if spots open up.
Just let me know. <3
Absolutely interested, 390 rogue if you have a spot!


Thanks! (:

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