[A] The Revenant 6/8 DS..LF Off Tank & 2 DPS

The Revenant is 10 man casual raiding guild that doesn't waste any time when it comes to raiding. We take people's playing time seriously. Currently we raid Thursdays and Fridays 8pm-11pm server time also do a looking for raid night on tuesdays as a guild to gear out alts/mains.

We are looking for dedicated players that will show up on a consistent basis. We need:

Plate Off Tank- DK, Warrior, or Paladin
Ranged DPS- Warlock, Hunter, or Shaman
Melee DPS- DK, Shaman, or Rogue

We have a great and friendly group of people in the guild. I promise you will have plenty of fun.

Send myself a in game mail or post here.

Skÿ (copy paste my name)

Thanks guys.

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