Good TV shows like Game of Thrones ?

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I'm looking for good TV shows that are really well done with high production values like:

- Game of Thrones
- Sherlock
- Boardwalk Empire
- Sopranos
also Archer/Arrested Development/Black Adder for Comedy

Doesn't really have to be restricted to a particular genre; just looking for good quality stuff not the usual mainstream sitcom garbage like glee/Big bang theory/friends/how i met your mother etc.
The Walking Dead for drama mixed with kick !@#. The League for the most hilarious comedy out there.
There are a lot of HBO shows that are excellent.
The Wire

IMO all three were better than Sopranos or Game of Thrones. There are some others as well, but those are probably my favorites.

Hung (it's alright, but I liked it personally)
Californication (Shotime
Bored to Death
Camelot (unfortunately, Starz felt it didn't that much as it should been. So, no renew seasons)

Being Human (US Version)
Lost Girl

There's more, but that is all I can think of.
Go With Justified one of the best shows on Television and starting its third season. Oh or Deadwood its canceled and off the air but if you like westerns its a must see.
Agreeing with Deadwood and Justified (made for people interested -- work in progress. SoA is terrible, but they shared a lot so I incl'd the show).

Breaking Bad


Definitely Breaking Bad. So good.

Also, you might want to check out Carnivale. It was pretty good, but it was never given a proper ending.

As for comedy, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.
another vote for Homeland.

If you're going to mention Grimm then mention Fringe as well.

Dexter. it lagged a bit this season but the last episode sets up the upcoming final seasons very well imo and explains why they went a particular direction... it's so that the title character wasn't shot in the final moments of the last episode

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