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Not heirloom. Is it still in the game and where? (lvl 10-59 gear for honor, used to be bought with bg tokens)
You can buy low level pvp gear gear from the wsg and arathi basin venders but since I don't play horde I dont know where they would be for you.

It's sold from vendors at the BG map entrances, with a couple of items (trinkets, capes) sold on a vendor in Ogrimmar. They're dirt cheap, too; I'll usually get them on my alts. The level 40 epic bracers are particularly nice.

I do wish they'd move them to a vendor in the capitals. Getting to the Arathi Basin one on Alliance at 29 is a bit of a pain, and the Ashenvale one is also kind of a long trip.

Unfortunately, I don't know where the Horde entrances actually are, so that part you'll need to find yourself.
AB vendors are in the horde town in arathi baisin, wsg vendors are on the border of barrens and ashenvale. AV vendors are in alterac mountains and arena vendors are in area 52, among other places.
The horde PVP gear vendor for warsong gulch is right by the border of the barrens and ashenvale forest. There is a little path that goes up the ramp to the left before you get to mor'shan rampart.

The arathi basin vendor is behind hammer fall in arathi high lands and the alterac valley vendor is behind tarren mill left of the river that runs from plaguelands to hillsbrad foothills on the tarren mill side of the river.

Edit: I went to get a coup of coffee came back and posted this then saw all the responses ahead above me haha
I still have no idea where to get the low level pvp gear for the aliance. i know horde have mor'shan ramparts but whats the name of ours?
This question originated with a "Horde" player (Blood Elf). - As of 9.9.2012 (patch 5.0.4) the "Horde" low level PvP vendors are still located where they use to be. - Northern Barrens - Arathi Basin - and Alterac Valley. Items available for players level 28 thru 60. - And of course you can get some at Ogrimmar as well.

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