LFM Alliance for X-Realm Heroic Ragnaros

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I am looking to start killing Heroic Ragnaros on 10 man.
I will provide Feasts and Cauldrons
Planning on doing the whole raid on Heroic.

Some things to keep in mind:
  • The fight had a HUGE nerf
  • Magma Geyser is GONE!
  • We will all out gear it by a bit
  • It's still hard, expect some wipes while we all learn to play with each other
  • I'm planning on doing this until everyone in the original group is rocking the Heroic Mount that drops 100% from Ragnaros
  • Essences are saved for the next 1.14 weeks. All the other legendary bits are open.

  • My RealID:

    If you are interested, leave a post with your real-id or send me an in-game real-id request! I prefer that you send the ingame request. I don't check this thread as much as I should : /
    Make sure you include your character name/server if you send the in-game request.

    Current Roster (role / ilvl / spec / class): Is a mess atm.

    Schedule is still messed up at the moment. Trying to figure out a day/time that works.
    Trying to make a group for today, I am online atm.

    For the sake of my sanity and being able to get this set up, make sure you get me on your RealID list if you want to go so I have a way of contacting you!

    Note to the mods: Since it hasn't been stated anywhere that the forums shouldn't be used for this, and there is nowhere to specifically look for cross realm raids, could you please take it into consideration to either make some place specifically for finding these groups, or tell us to go elsewhere, like to a third party site or something?

    I am not looking for people just from my server. Most people from the 50+ other servers are not going to browse the Proudmoore forums. I saw other cross realm raiding threads here so here seemed like the place to do it. Not the Proudmoore forums that gets very little of the US WoW forum goers traffic.

    If Dungeons and Raids isn't the place to recruit for cross realm raiding, which forum is more appropriate? Or is it not something that's been considered yet? The best thread certainly isn't a single server forum like Proudmoore.
    393 Resto Shaman.

    6/7 Heroic on my main (Sacredheal@Runetotem)

    I raid Sat/Sun 4-7pm Central, so anything that doesn't conflict with that would be awesome. Have vent and mumble+working mic.

    i would be interested greatly in this

    397 combat rogue

    would more then likely be able to go anytime deemed ok for the rest of the grp
    You know you got me dude :)
    Yes, I am interested and I sent you a Real-ID request. My friend was actually going to take me to his weekly heroic Rag 25 run today, however his guild just broke up :(
    [Extremely Interested]
    399 SV Hunter
    6/7 H Firelands
    realID: gregory.r.zaragoza@gmail.com
    http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-ny6gvaf0qej4ea50/ <-- logs from recent raid

    my realID is acting up right so I can't add you for some reason.

    Shadow Priesty here, def want to go.....IF I CAN HAVE DARK INTENT!
    397 disc priest. Sent you real id request. Definitely interested.
    Request sent for dk spot
    main spec: dps
    offspec: tank
    I'd be interested in one healer spot depending on the time. I am west coast..
    02/13/2012 06:06 AMPosted by Almondmoocha
    I'd be interested in one healer spot depending on the time. I am west coast..
    What times would you be available? I'm also assuming this is an alliance character, not your tauren druid?
    02/13/2012 01:30 AMPosted by Lawlipøp
    Shadow Priesty here, def want to go.....IF I CAN HAVE DARK INTENT!
    Yes, you can has Dark Intent :D 5est tonight

    Decent group of folks. Little bit fail on driving rhyolith*wink wink nudge nudge*, but otherwise did fine. Couple new folks to the rag fight and we had to scramble to replace a few who had their night coming to an end but otherwise a decently smooth 6/7h clear for a group who'd never played together. COME NEXT WEEK!
    saaaaaaaaay whats going on here.....
    I would be interested in this on this toon (395 equipped demo lock, 6/7HM FL10 experience), I will shoot you a real-id friend request sometime tonight. Can raid most nights until 12 EST.
    boomkin, ilvl 397 with 6/7 heroic experience.

    My real id is boomkin@att.net

    I would be interested. I have a healing set too just not as good.
    You sure you dont want a DK.. ^.^
    I assume it's Heroic Ragnaros only?
    I'd be interested to come on this character if a spot frees up today.
    I'd be glad to heal it if it doesn't affect my ds raids, 398 hpally with 6/7 experience prenerf with a 394 prot offspec. Realid is Darklord10001@yahoo.com.
    I would absolutely love to come - 395 resto druid. 6/7H exp, some attempts on H:Rag (~65% or so, circa Nov 2011).

    I am saved for the week of Feb 14th-20th. I'll have a lockout available from the 21st onward. I am willing to do this for many weeks (full clears). seektheroot@gmail.com

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