Alliance Boomy w Legendary/H. Trinket LF RBGs

For some reason it's still showing me as a Tauren, however I'm on Alliance Tich.

2430cr with 2400 Arena exp.

Name has been changed from Juiceboy to Fruitjuice.

Looking for a very well led group. I have the legendary + Heroic 410 trinket. I deal an amazing amount of damage. I'm very vocal, constantly root/solarbeaming 1 healer while cycloning another. I play at a high skill level, looking for a great group to be apart of.

Real ID:
Skype : Biggerm20

Add me on either or post on here if your interested.
Thanks for reading.
Update: CR is now 2270 from 2030.

As awesome as running with mogedii is, they're RBG runs are pretty scarce. So I'm still looking for some great RBGs if there's any recruiters out there.
^ This is Juiceboy. Don't know how my profile got changed. Also name is going to be changed to Fruitjuice tonight.
Bump. CR is 2282.
Still looking. CR has gone from 2030 to 2351.
Still looking. CR has gone from 2350 to 2430.

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