Which WoW zone would you live in?

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If you could build a house in any zone in WoW.... where would it be?

I like Grizzly Hills - good scenary and soothing music.
Ashenvale, even after *ahem* certain npcs wrecked it.
I did live in the WEll of Eternity but some Meanies burnt my house down.
That is my farm back there behind Stormwind. Stop picking my pumpkins.
Mulgore. So peaceful.
Storm Peaks.

Mountains, snow, awesome music, wolves, dragons, Ulduar... It'd be dangerous as hell, but awesome as well.
Either Stranglethorn or the troll starting zone. I grew up in Winterspring, and it took till summer to thaw out every year.
Nagrand. I just cant get over the sky. Lounge in the grass all day and just look up.
It would have been Alterac, but that zone was so pathetic Blizzard decided it shouldn't even be a zone. It may have been a terrible excuse for a zone, but it had great scenery.

Now I'd probably go with Borean Tundra
Terrokkar (spelling?) Right next to the big city, yet so far away with all the scenes, green, and burning legion!
Troll starting zone!

It's peaceful and I prefer the cold.
up at the hidden lake in silverpine

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