Which WoW zone would you live in?

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Eversong Woods.

The peaceful forest autumn appeals to my personality.
I would live in Darkshire. I've always wanted to see Zombies.
Either Winterspring or Crystalsong forest, anywhere but Grizzly Hills. That village where they have their "little secret" like Children of the Corn or the Hills have Eyes gives me the creeps.
If you could build a house in any zone in WoW.... where would it be?

I like Grizzly Hills - good scenary and soothing music.

you wouldn't hear the music if you actually lived there
Twilight Highlands. Inside the maw of madness. Roasting marshmellows and drinkin' beer. Nobody would ever look for me there.

At least it looks like there's something to do with your time, there.
Anywhere in The Exodar the art for it was just awesome when it came out and I love it. Even if it has space goats in it.
Storm Peaks.

gods i love that area. its beautiful
I like Nagrand and Mulgore, but Westfall has my vote. Those golden rolling hills remind me of Victoria in summer although the zone developer probably based it in on California.
Can we go to Pandaria? Not sure what the zones would look like but wherever the most Panderans are thats where I would live.
Silithus, I would wake up every day as i smoked my peace pipe overlooking the great hives.

Talking with Commander Mar'alith about the greatest enemy we ever knew in azeroth :)

Keeping watch waiting till the day the sands shift once again.
Booty Bay, definitely!! I love fishing :D
Crystalsong, living that close to a floating city would be awesome, and love the music

Teldrassil for the music and living in a giant tree city -win

Nargrand for the awesome floating endless waterfalls and music again heh

Or Sholazar for awesome scenery, music (of course), and endless booze from that dude at
Hemets camp

Edit: forgot about how awesome Mulgore/ thunderbluff is, for all the same previous reason, however the drawback would be getting drunk and potentially falling to your death (they need to put up some guardrails up there haha
Winterspring for sure. So peaceful there.

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