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I just received my 256 GB Crucial SSD. I still won't be building my PC until a month+ from now. I'm wondering if I should try and install this into some PC to make sure it works, or if it won't be a problem to leave it in the box until then.

If I wait over 30 days before trying it, and then find out that its DoA, will there be any problems with getting it replaced? It's kind of ambiguous given Newegg's return police AND that the manufacturer also provides some warranty.

Just a side note, the box it came in is actually damaged enough to make it look like someone opened it before o_O. I hope they didn't send me one that someone else returned.
My Crucial box looked a bit crunched up too, but it was new (according to HDD SMART), so eh. You can't fake that, so when in doubt, check out HDD SMART value, notably, the power-on count / start/stop count.

You can make use of the SSD right now if you want. Just put some games (that rely a lot on loading) on it and enjoy. Just don't forget to move them back to the mechanical hard disk before you install Windows 7.

Edit: If something you bought from NewEgg / etc goes bad, contact manufacturer first. The Corsair H100 that went bad, I contacted Corsair directly. They took care of it perfectly.
Hey Kal,

So I'm home for spring break and I'm using my older desktop temporarily. Something has been up with it.

In general, seems a lot slower. For some reason (on any browser) it takes very LONG for it to load when hit the back button, so much so that I just open a new window and go to the page directly. Programs are also loading slow.

WoW was running fine, but periodically experiencing strange slow downs. Normally have about 80 FPS in non-crowded areas, but suddenly it starts becoming quite choppy for a few minutes (still reading 40-50 FPS though), particular while moving the character or camera. The game sound actually started to slow down, like during a slow motion film or something.

I pulled up HWMonitor while this was happening (it took about 3 minutes for the program itself to actually load) - is everything ok here? It was up while WoW was running in windowed mode (not minimized) and slow down was occurring.
CPU temperature is OK
GPU temperature is OK for Thermi GTX 470

Was this computer used by anyone since you left it?
I'm almost entirely sure that it wasn't. Unless someone was able to bypass the login code I set.

It's been sitting for about a month with no use at all.
I'd open up task manager and see if CPU load is high when this is happening.
Ok. Is there any way I go further back in the CPU history to check when it occurred? Getting about 50% CPU usage currently (with WoW open).

Also, it seems like the memory bar is pretty high up as well. Currently filled 60-70% with only WoW and this browser running. Have 4 GB total ram
See if updating Windows to latest / drivers to latest / checking for virus/malware / defragging helps.
What program would you recommend for virus/malware scanning/removal? I had VIPRE but it was a paid program and expired. Any good free ones?
Also - what was that program you recommend to wipe drivers off system before installing new ones?

Uninstall using nVidia uninstaller first, then use DriverSweeper.

As for the anti-virus / malware:
Microsoft Security Essential
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

These two are my choice of programs.

It is possible your computer may already have been infected; in this case, you are better off burning an Avira Rescue CD / USB from a clean computer, then boot from it.
Thanks alot! Will give this a go.

Also started getting a buzzing noise through my headphones. Only happens when the headphones plugged into this PC o_O.
maybe the power supply is about to kick the bucket
I keep trying to remove the nvidia driver. Windows keeps automatically searching and reinstalling it (and it finishes before I'm able to end the program through task manager). How do I disable this?

Also - Should I remove the nvidia chipset/display/PhysX drivers as well?
Windows only installs default drivers if you removed nVidia drivers through either nVidia uninstaller or DriverSweeper.

nVidia chipset drivers don't have to be touched. It's the display and PhysX you want to focus on.
03/11/2012 10:01 PMPosted by Kalganized
Windows only installs default drivers if you removed nVidia drivers through either nVidia uninstaller or DriverSweeper.

Isn't this how they're supposed to be uninstalled though? And don't I want to stop windows from installing the default drivers so I can get them from the website directly?
It's OK for Windows to try to install default drivers after nVidia display drivers were removed. That's normal behavior.
Got latest nvidia drivers installed. Been quite a while since I updated them on this. Went from version 266.53 to 295.73 o_O.

Ran Malwarebytes, had 7 detections.

Security Essentials also immediately detected this:

I was wondering my my Java Autoupdater would launch upon every single PC boot. No matter how often I tried to update it, it would always say I need more updating. Bet it had to do with whatever that was above.

Currently running a full scan. I like the Security Essentials software. Should have gotten it a long time ago.

It appears that there are no new bios updates (even though I'm on a version installed in 2009).. guess Dell stopped supporting it.

I'm about to start purchasing some parts. I got an email from Newegg with a bunch of discount codes for certain items as a thanks for purchasing that SSD.

It has 10% off all memory and keyboards, these I will use.

But I'm wondering if any of these others are worth it?

1) 20% off all Rosewill power supplies
2) Same as above cept for Rosewill CPU coolers
2) 15% off all CoolMax power supplies

I take it those power supply brands are bad?I'm planning to buy RAM/PSU/Case in the next few days. I was originally going with Corsaire Vengeance low-profile RAM, but it appears the price has gone up like $15 on those. Which RAM is the best bang for the buck right now (2x4GB)?

Also, if the rumors about Kepler hold up, it's likely I'll be going with the GTX 680. That is, if it remains around $550 as the MSRP supposedly is. Perhaps one level lower. Was originally going with Corsair Enthusiast Series 650-Watt PSU. Do you think this will be enough for the GTX 680?

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