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Blackhorn down,

Also we need a resto shaman plx
bump for good people. 'cept Caidence.
Play league with one of the top 50 Eskimos in the world. Also Gratz on heroic blackhorn lets go 8/8 next week. :)
iholy, its fizzle


baiting heimer at dragon = triple for his turrets
How's the inn in goldshire treating you?
tried adding you guys on real id
Resto Shaman!!! ... still.
Now looking for a Resto shaman and a holy pally
Hey, I hope that you will check us out. We intend Shadows and Dust to be a medium-core raiding guild. Raiding is paramount, but we hold friendship and fairness sacrosanct. S&D thrives on the full willing participation of each of its members. S&D survives because each of its members cares and gives his or her best.
Our goal is the Endgame. We will do everything short of sacrificing our dignity and reputation to get there. We are a team playing a serious game.
SnD is currently ranked 9th US and 35th World for Guild Achievements. When SnD was on Ravenholdt server we managed to grab 10 of the realm first titles ranging from Sunwell to Ragnaros.


Name: Mal'Ganis
Population: ~13,000
Type: PvP
Info: Mal'Ganis is one of the original servers which was available at launch on the 23rd of November 2004, and was one of the big 4 that were down for an extended period of 5 days within the first week due to initial heavy user load on the launch servers. It is approx. 99% Horde and 1% alliance.


6/8 in hDS in 25m main raid - Monday-Thursday Raid

3/8 in hDS in 10m Alt raid 1 - Sunday Raid
8/8 in nDS in 10m Alt raid 2 - Friday Raid

Current needs
Melee class x 2 (iLevel 393+)
Ranged class x 3 (iLevel 393+)
Healing shaman x 1 (iLevel 390+)
Healing hPally x 1 (iLevel 393+

Our Raid Times:
Monday-Thursday: EST 8-11:30 (PST 5-8:30; MST 6-9:30; and CST/Server 7-10:30)

Optional PvP: RBGs on the Weekends
Optional 'Drunk Raid': Saturday from 8pm-12
Optional 10m hDS alt raids:
Sunday from 7:30-10:30 EST (Group 1)
Friday from 7:30-10:30 EST (Group 2)


Before applying, we recommend that you read the following link:

If you feel that you possess the knowledge and the ability to play your class to the standards of progression hard mode content, applications are accepted at:


What we expect

We want long term, dedicated raiders who are motivated to succeed on their own and have the ability/drive to learn. Our goal is to have fun in a serious raid environment. If strong focus, great accomplishment, personal growth, and loyalty appeal to you, then <Shadows and Dust> would be a good fit for you.

Questions: Any further questions regarding the application process should be directed towards Psychiatree in game.

Sultree (now named Psychiatree) Real ID - secondarydominance@yahoo.com
I'm a farmer!
What kind of Farmer? Are you Chinese?! >:O
WTB another spirit link
I might be interested in joining i'm currently 3/8 heroic DS. I'm norm the top dps in my guild when mainly most of the the other dps out gear me. I feel like i'm being held back at times and would like to see what i can do in another guild.
Still need a holy paladin? 5/8 hm (10m) 400 equipped ilvl
03/17/2012 06:26 PMPosted by Ioltauren
Raiding is paramount, but we hold friendship and fairness sacrosanct.

this is why you arent 8/8h yet mmmmmmmmmmmmm

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
October, yes we are still in need of a hPally. Is there anyway you can please add me on real ID?


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