Mage Pets

I was so happy when frost got water elemental as a permanent pet. I would like to see waterbolt do more damage to make frost better in pve.
All mage specs should get their own permanent elemental pet. (Why don't I just roll a warlock? Because they are not as fun as mage, that's why.)

Mage arcane bosses (kharazan) have been seen using an arcane familiar. An arcane pet could have abilities like arcane blast, and arcane explosion.

In warcraft 3 frozen throne, the firelord was a fire mage that summoned lava spawn. They cast fireballs and had a small aoe blast.

This would be a great addition to the upcoming pandas and their pets expansion. Pets for all!
Please no. I hate my pet with a burning passion and I don't want my favorite class to be turned into a warlock wanna-be.

Next you'll want us to be a DoT class too... :(

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